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Biography of David Mcqueen of Beltway Park Baptist Church, Age, family, wife, Net worth

    Who is David Mcqueen Beltway Park Baptist Church

    Pastor David McQueen is the Senior Pastor of Beltway Park Baptist Church located in Abilene, Texas and it is important to mention that Steve Hardin was the pastor in charge at Beltway church before the coming of Pastor David McQueen.

    Beltway Park Church is a charismatic Christian megachurch located in Abilene, Texas.

    David Mcqueen Beltway Park Baptist Church

    David Mcqueen Age

    Information regarding the date of birth, age and birthday of David Mcqueen is currently not available. We are however still on research to discover them and will have then updated here as soon as discovered.

    David Mcqueen Wife

    Pastor David McQueen, is married to his wife of thirty-three years in the person of Jeannette McQueen, who from the experience she gathered from the adoption of their third child from the Foster system of Texas, made her to be in charge of the arm of Beltway’s Ministry that aid families to process adoption and foster children. The union of Pastor David McQueen and Jeannette is blessed with three children, and they are: Joshua, Rebecca and Zoe. I pertinent to mention that Joshua is married to Bradye, Rebecca is married to Hunter.  Pastor David McQueen has three grand-children in the persons of Liam, Caleb and Esther.

    Jeannette McQueen

    It is important to mention, that the background of Pastor David McQueen depicts in all ramification the unity and creativity of the Omniscient God. In understanding the background of Pastor David McQueen, it includes an growing in Christian home where the word of God is seen as a light unto the paths of men, studying at Abilene Christian University and working in the Lord’s Vineyard.

    As regards to the hobbies of Pastor David McQueen, the man of God said that if apart from spending ample time with his immediate family, that he loves shooting guns, scuba diving, bird hunting, lifting weights etc.

    David Mcqueen Church Beltway Park Baptist Church

    Pastor David McQueen started steering the affairs of Beltway Park Church in Abilene, Texas in 1998 and he distinguishes himself as someone that pastored the Beltway Church, Abilene Texas with a quintessential staff and eldership, that and which made his work in Beltway Church easier and to be seen as a responsible leader. Pastor David McQueen opined that one of his greatest achievements at Beltway Church, is winning souls to Christ.

    Beltway Park Church is a church that has myriads of people from diverse races and has high percentage of Caucasians, which is estimated at sixty-five percent, Hispanic that is estimated at twenty -five and roughly ten-percent African-Americans. Also, there is a somehow division in Beltway Community, that is premised on race, districts and economics.

    Notably, before the coming of Pastor David McQueen, the congregants of the church were leaving the church and this is predicated on the prior notion of Beltway Church which they premised on ‘You come to Us’ and which according to Pastor David McQueen, ought to have been ‘We need to go to them’ and with the aforementioned strategy, the church opened their second campus.

    It is important to mention, that the first time Beltway Church tried opening a second campus, but it failed abysmally. However, the second time Beltway Church tried to open another campus, they sought the help of those that have toed that path and it awesomely paid off.

    It is imperative to mention, that Steve Hardin was at the helm of affairs of Beltway Church, Abilene as the pastor until the coming of Pastor David McQueen at exactly April. 1998.

    Appraising the coming of Pastor David McQueen of Beltway Church, the Beltway Church was at verge of stumbling, until the coming of Pastor David McQueen, which can be referred to as a rescue mission.

    Pastor David McQueen, at thirty grew up under the Church of Christ and finished from Abilene Christian. After the aforementioned, he answered his calling to proceed to a non-denominational church in Lubbock.

    However, after a decade, Pastor David McQueen and myriads of staff were appointed to lead the most notable Abilene moving churches.

    The inception of Pastor David McQueen at Beltway Church, was with a high hope of manifestation of God’s Glory through him and an apt knowledge of diversification of leadership roles.

    It is apposite to mention, that after some months Pastor David McQueen assumed the role of Beltway Park Baptist Church, the church was unanimous to change the form of leadership of the church to Eldership Leadership, where Pastor David McQueen was made one of the elders of the church. Also, with the coming of Pastor David McQueen to Beltway Park Baptist Church, there was a tremendous increase in the congregants of the church.

    Finally, in the words of Pastor David McQueen he opined that one of his greatest achievements, is helping, giving and praying with the new churches planted around him and he also said that he wants to see the body of Christ rooted and being expanded in the community.

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