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    DAVID JEREMIAH SERMON SEIZE YOUR TOMORROW : Pastor David Jeremiah talks to us about seizing our Tomorrow, he said, When we think of great dreamers we think of people like George lucas elon musk or waltz Disney, I mean anyone who’s seen a star wars movie, read about electric cars or visited Disney world, knows that great accomplishments begin with one person’s larger than life imagination.


    Walt Disney’s dream began with cartoon sketches, two failed companies and a borrowed book on animation. in time he brought beloved characters to life, he created classic films and built Disney world, Disney land and the epcot center, he created the happiest place on earth and became known as the man who made dreams come true.


    When Disney was diagnosed with lung cancer, he was still planning movies developing theme parks and mulling over his newest idea an experimental prototype community of tomorrow or epcot as Helena’s deathbed with his brother roy sitting nearby, walt looked up at the hospital ceiling tiles, raised his finger and every fourth tile he said represented a square mile, using that mental map.


    He suggested routes for his envisioned highways and monorails, having said all that i believe walt Disney’s dreams were too small, believe it or not, you and I can dream bigger dreams, than Disney ever conceived, it’s one thing to invest one’s life in a magic kingdom and it’s quite another to play a part in the kingdom of God as followers of Christ, we can cultivate a dream for our lives that outlasts the world, transforms time, changes eternity and advances his cause and his kingdom for his glory.


    In fact that’s the story of the bible, the bible is filled with people who saw what life could look like in God’s kingdom and then moved forward in faith. All these stories, the dreams of men and women of God thousands of years ago, still inspire and guide and affect us more than we know, they remind us to keep dreaming, there’s always more out in front of us, always a reason to look forward to tomorrow.



    Pastor David Jeremiah said, when i’m talking about a dream i’m not describing a self-made vision of your life apart from God’s will and i’m not using the word as the ancient prophets did when supernatural visions of inspired revelation came across them, i’m not talking about seeing heavenly creatures or having apocalyptic dreams, no instead I’m talking about envisioning the next step or the next stage of your life.


    A dream or a vision is simply a picture of what you feel God wants you to do next. For hundreds of years Israel had worshipped around the frayed remains of the tabernacle the elaborate tent that was constructed in the days of mosses as a portable house of worship but now the nation was occupying the land, God had promised and Jerusalem was its capital so David began dreaming of a permanent place where people could worship for centuries to come, David’s story reveals the principles that you and I can follow as we build our own dreams. The major principle is root your dream in history just as it is seen in second Samuel 7.


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