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Sermon by David Jeremiah : Living In The Last Days

    David Jeremiah Sermon Living In The Last Days: The senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, the founder of Turning point ministries and the husband of Donna Jeremiah, Dr David Jeremiah has come through with this wonderful sermon titled ”Living in the last days” released on the 4th May 2022. Be rest assured that this sermon has a lot to teach you about the last days and how to live.

    In this sermon, Dr David Jeremiah stated that Speaking the truth is not always comfortable how many you know it is always right.

    Wherever you find something that’s not true it came from satan. Non-truth is satan inspired . The bible tells us that we’re to stand having girded our waist with the truth. it seems strange that the belt of the armor which is in ephesians 6 is the first item that paul mentions.  He says ”wrap yourself around with the belt of truth.

    Ladies and gentlemen truth holds everything together. Truth makes us ready at the center of our lives. We place the truth in jesus and everything we do is drawn from that.

    Without the truth we are empty we have nothing to offer the world we have nothing to give anyone if we do not have the truth but when we know the truth and we live the truth,  we can assess our weapons quickly and confidently and we don’t have to fear anything being out of place in our lives How many of you know how much better and simpler it is to just live in the truth?  Have you ever caught yourself living in something that’s not true and you’re always looking over your shoulder to see if somebody knows what the truth is ?  When you don’t tell the truth, you have to tell another lie to cover up the lie you told and it just weaves itself around you until it just debilitates you.  Truth is simple, just tell the truth and always tell the truth

    Second corinthians chapter 4 verse 2 says this ”we have renounced the hidden

    things of shame, not walking in craftiness nor handling the word of god deceitfully but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God . Truth gives us the courage to stand against our enemy.

    Kindly watch, listen, meditate and learn from this new sermon by Pastor David Jeremiah. May God bless his words in our hearts through Christ Our Lord.

    Credit: Dr David Jeremiah Youtube


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