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David Jeremiah Message: Why Do Christians Have So Many Problems?

    David Jeremiah Message January 3 2022 : David Jeremiah shares this message titled “Why Do Christians Have So Many Problems?” which premiers on February 4 2022 and it is a message you will love. In this message, you will learn how the difficulties in life can provide greater opportunities, promote spiritual maturity, and more.

    Teaching on faith, Pastor David Jeremiah took to Instagram to write:

    “Faith is a gift from God, and it is also the result of embracing the message about Christ and His salvation. But how does the gift of God mix with the human response? The experience of salvation is not a science experiment that can be understood in a laboratory. It is a wonderful mystery that can be experienced though not totally understood.
    Have you embraced the Gospel of Christ? And thanked God for His gift of faith?
    Don’t let the day pass without doing both.”

    Watch and learn from this message by David Jeremiah: “Why Do Christians Have So Many Problems?” as we bring the latest messages from David Jeremiah to you.

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