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Dr. David Jeremiah daily devotionals June 2 2022 : Divine Encouragement

    David Jeremiah daily devotionals June 2 2022 :

    You have forgotten the divine word of encouragement which is addressed to you.
    Hebrews 12:5

    What’s encouragement? Dr. Joel Wong at Indiana University Bloomington defines encouragement as “the affirmations people communicate to others, typically through the use of language, to enhance motivation within the context of realizing a potential or addressing a challenging situation.”1

    That’s what our Lord does for us! He gives the affirmations we need, using the words of Scripture, to keep us motivated and to help us fulfill our potential and address challenging situations.

    A day without Scripture is a day when we’re in danger of forgetting the divine word of encouragement addressed to us. The Lord has certain verses from the Bible to impart afresh into our minds every hour of every day. The Bible is the most encouraging book ever penned. It hums with encouragement like an electrical factory.

    His Word encourages us to continue to follow Him. Make sure you keep your Bible open. Keep your heart open to constant doses of divine encouragement. And spread it to others!

    We owe everything to encouragement—nothing to bitter cynicism.
    Joseph Parker.

    Author: David Jeremiah

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