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PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD | Let God Direct Your Path – Motivation

    Daily Motivation PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD | Let God Direct Your Path –  Where do you put your trust? is it in someone or something, is it in some institution or constitution or an expert? if you put your trust in any of these things, it will certainly fail because, heaven and earth shall pass away but only God’s words and God himself shall stand forever.

    We are to trust in God, there will be a lot less pain in the world when we learn to start with God and not  ourselves. The proof that we do not trust in God even though we declare that we believe in him  is that we turn to other sources first to address our problems. what we trust is where we go first.

    The reason that we should trust in the lord is because his wisdom is infinite. Trust is a choice, we have to be spiritually strong to get to the point that we are able to tell who to trust, we have to be able to give the trust for God to God and not man. Although we can trust other people to some degree and ourselves to some degree, God is the only one that we can trust completely.

    Some people fill like they have been disappointed by God that he didn’t give them what they asked for, the question is how did you ask for it? were you trusting God grant you your request at your own time or in his own time, we must remember that Gods time is the best and if a request is not granted, it is either because it is bad for you or it will take you away from the lord or it is not just Gods time. Proverbs 3 vs. 5 says ‘Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding’. it is clearly stated in bible, for us to follow and never regret, we must trust in the words of God.

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