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Pastor, over 20 Christians assaulted during evangelism event in Uganda

    According to a source, extremist Muslims at an outdoor event in eastern Uganda on August 11th attacked a preacher and over 20 other Christians because of his teachings  about the divinity of Jesus Christ.

    The preacher, Robert Faisali Miya, who is 34 years old and a father of four, was also hurt with something prickly and was stepped on during the event in Busolwe. This place is about 236 kilometers (147 miles) away from Kampala, which is a big city.

    This event was planned by a church from a different town and was supposed to last for five days. On the third day, Miya talked about parts from the Quran that talk about Jesus being special. He also said that the Bible shows Jesus is God’s unique Son and He forgives people because He died and came back to life.

    When Miya was saying these things, some Muslims started shouting the phrase “Allah Akbar,” which means “God is greater.” A Muslim leader known for being strict in his beliefs, Hiisa Mubaraka, quickly went to the front and pulled Miya away from the microphone.

    The witness said that some Muslims were even saying that they have permission from Allah to harm non-believers. One of them sprayed something that looked like acid, another hit Miya with something thorny, and one even stepped on Miya’s back and stomach.

    The Muslim leader Mubaraka kept yelling that they couldn’t let people who don’t believe the same things talk to the Muslims in the area. He told Miya that they won’t let him preach in their town and they would fight for Allah’s cause to hurt them.

    Mubaraka also told the around 20 Muslims at the event to damage things that belong to the church. The person telling this story didn’t say their name because it might not be safe

    Christian individuals who attempted to help a preacher were hurt when Muslims struck them and the preacher with sticks. Other Muslims also caused damage to the stage, speakers, microphones, and other equipment used for the event.

    After a while, the Christians managed to overpower the Muslim attackers, who then went back to a nearby mosque. The organizers of the event quickly took the preacher to a nearby clinic for medical attention.

    The preacher, named Miya, is now at home recovering from his injuries but still in a lot of pain. Despite the difficulties, Miya believes that the chance to share the Gospel was worth the suffering.

    Miya mentioned that more than 20 Christians suffered injuries to their heads, and some had broken hands. Although the meeting with the Muslims didn’t go as planned, Miya feels that the Muslims were able to hear about Jesus Christ.

    Miya, who has children aged 3 to 13, became a Christian in February 2010 after leaving Islam.

    This incident is just one of several cases where Christians have faced persecution in Uganda, according to Morning Star News.

    Uganda’s Constitution and its laws protect religious freedom, which includes the right to spread one’s faith and change religions. Muslims make up less than 12% of Uganda’s population, and they are more concentrated in the eastern parts of the country.


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