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Brian Houston Sermons – God Is There

    Brian Houston Sermons God Is There The search for God has led many men and women to various strange places, in the old testament, people built a golden calf in their search for God. For some, they were lucky enough to find Jesus in a church.

    Finding yourself in a place where you do not want to be, can be frustrating, it could physically or mentally. It might be that the plan you have for your life is not going according to plan or our heart is somewhere else or we are backwards spiritually, we do not have to give up of become sad, we are advised to understand and see that God is there.

    God spoke to his people in Babylon who were far from where they wanted to be, and as soon as he spoke, it became clear to the people that he was always there.

    God said in Jeremiah Jeremiah 29 vs 12-13 says, “in those days when you pray, i will listen if you look for me whole heartedly, you will find me”.  God is always there and he is thinking about us. he is not to busy to think about us individually.

    God is that big, so do not limit him, he is every where, he knows you as a person, and his plans for us are of good and not evil, hence we should be  be hopeful knowing that the lord our God is ever present and there for us, Brian Huston teaches us  to seek God whole heartedly and we will see him.



    Jeremiah 29:10-14

    Psalm 40:17

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