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Breaking: Gospel Singer Tragically Collapses and Dies While Performing

    Gospel Singer Tragically Collapses and Dies While Performing : A Brazilian gospel singer Pedro Henrique collapses on the stage during a live performance and dies.

    Pedro Henrique was rushed from the concert venue to a hospital near by, where he was pronounced dead.

    The whole incident was caught on camera during the concerts. Mr. Henrique was 30 years old. According to the report, he was performing at a private event in Fiera de Santana, Brazil, when he collapsed.

    The cause of his death has not been released yet. According to the report, it is suspected that the singer suffered from a heart attack.

    A video of the tragic event showed Mr. Henrique interacting with the audience as he approached the front stage before falling and crashing to the floor.

    Following this, his record label, Todah Music, shared a touching tribute to the singer alongside a photo of him.

    The photo was posted on Instagram on Thursday in black and white.

    Mr. Henrique is survived by his wife, Suilan Barreto, and his 2-month-old daughter, Zoe.

    According to the report, his burial and wake will take place in the city of Porto Seguro, where he was born. He lived in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo.

    His record label and his fans have been emotionally down, and they are sending their prayers to his family.

    The post concluded with a powerful acknowledgement of Mr. Henrique’s complex roles as a singer,minister, husband, and father.

    Many fans have expressed their grievances on social media by posting beautiful tributes to him.

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