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Bishop TD Jakes Sermon 2021 : Learning to Walk in the Spirit

    Bishop TD Jakes Sermon Learning to Walk in the Spirit: There is a God intended in life we must face, God did not intend for us to be completely free from struggle. when God created Adam and Eve, he gave them every single thing they wanted, they did not have the needs for clothes or the need to farm, everything was there for them but God created a restriction, which was that they were not to eat of a specific tree, the tree of knowledge and evil. this restriction brought about a friction.

    In frictions and struggles, faith is fertilized and matured, because when we have those struggles and we keep holding on to God irrespective of our other choices then it shows that we value him so much and we trust him. there is a certain amount of conflicts required to bring legitimacy to our faith.

    God is not going to remove from our path every thorn, problem or temptation because there is a need for certain conflict in our life so that we can wrestle it and grow in it, and need him, desire him and pray to him and be humble. at some point in our lives we must have experienced conflicts in our hearts were we have two voices telling us two opposite things to do. pastor T.D. Jakes tell us that even though we have been baptised, we did not loose our ability to yield to temptation.

    Jesus delivered us from the penalty  of sin, e did that on the cross. He continually delivers us from our daily sin and he shall deliver us from the presence of sin. we all go through temptations, our pastor, our church members, our seniors and juniors, the most important thing is that we try recognize this tempt-ions before they over power us and if they do, we must admit to ourselves and God that we have sinned and ask for his mercy and he will forgive us.



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