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    Bishop TD Jakes sermon 2022 : Pastor T.D Jakes, teaches us all about understanding why God chose us. He said, all of us have areas where we feel inadequate, and if you don’t you’re disqualified because humility is framed from feeling inadequate, when you say I am not enough, it makes you pray harder, it makes you seek harder, it makes you ask for more grace


    Pastor T.D Jakes said, I was 17 years old I laid down and went to sleep and while I was sleeping I dreamed I was reading a verse that I didn’t know existed at the time, God was saying to a young man, before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee or I ordained thee and I sanctified thee to be a prophet to the nations and when I woke that morning I just took my bible with childlike faith and just let it fall open and it fell open on Jeremiah and he said before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee and I ordained thee and I sanctified thee to be a prophet unto the nations. All of a sudden I remembered all the stories my mother told me about when I was born I was born with a veil over my face and then one of the neighbors came down and said look the lord has given you a prophet and mama said a prophet she said yeah. He has a veil over his face, thin membrane born over some babies faces I was one of them that membrane, the old folk said was a sign you were a prophet but I didn’t know I was a prophet so I was a wild crazy foolish ignorant rambunctious kid, who got into everything and anything all the time driving people crazy and I was having a good time doing my own thing until God came along and messed it all up by bringing this stuff up again about me being a preacher.


    Pastor T.D Jakes said, ran from my calling, I purposely got drunk and went wow and got high and partied and did everything I could to convince him to go away, get one of them people with the little dollies on their head and the long skirts on and the no makeup who pray all day and talk in tongues all the time and leave me alone because I am not one of them, I’m crazy, I’m ignorant, I will embarrass you I will disgrace you please don’t call me, this is not going to be good for you and it’s not going to be good for me and we should not do this together.


    However, God didn’t ask me to vote, he asked me to obey and after several years of running and after several years of going in clubs and sitting on barstools where one drunk would lean over to me and say hey man I had the craziest dream about you, I dreamt you preaching in this church and I got up and ran out of the club and I felt like David, if I make my bed in hell, thou art there and if I take the wings of the morning and ascend to the uttermost parts of the earth, thou art there. We must remember that God knows us best and he knows all, both our future and past and when he chooses us, its for the best.


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