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See Bishop T.D Jakes’ Mother’s Day Message to his wife Serita Jakes

    Bishop TD jakes Mother day message to Serita Jakes : The famous preacher, film maker and author, Bishop TD Jakes has finally come up with a beautiful mother’s day message to the wife Serita Jakes.

    Serita Jakes and Bishop TD Jakes have been married for som many years and it has been a successful and happy marriage .

    Appreciation the wife on the mother’s day, TD Jakes took to instagram to write: 

    Each one of us is incredibly unique. We all agree that the mothers in the picture are all amazing! Hope you find a way to honor the “sheroes” in your life! Happy Mother’s Day to @cjakescoleman and our Queen mother @seritajakes ! We honor you!!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all good mothers!
    I’m about to get a mighty Sunday nap!! 😂

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