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Bishop T.D Jakes love/romantic letter to Serita Jakes (Read full letter)

    Bishop TD Jakes Love message to his wife Serita Jakes :  Recall that in 19 August 2020 when Serita Jakes clocked 65 years old, her husband, Bishop of The Potter’s House, T.D. Jakes celebrated her with beautiful words as she marks another 365 days. Serita Jakes who clocked 65 in 2022 is marking her day with so much love from everyone.

    Bishop T.D Jakes took to Instagram to share a warming and lovely message to celebrate his wife on her birthday. The letter consists of T.D. Jakes singing praises of his wife using so many lovely words to describe how she had added value to his life.

    Take a look at the full ove letter from Bishop TD Jakes to the wife


    As graceful as a swan gliding across a still and quiet lake, you have that curvaceous elegance and stately stance that defies gravity and glides on the ripples of life. Yet, underneath those feathers, is a strange strength and stableness that is rarely found today! You are always the first to serve and last to eat. Getting you to sit down and be honored is difficult. I’ve come to learn that your gift is giving, and your strength is serving those you love. However, you are the sum of the Nubian Queens on ancient lands; deserving of the breeze of a ride in a gondola, munching on sweet grapes! ⁣⁣

    Today, @SeritaJakes, you will be served and spoiled, lavishly loved, and sweetly savored. You are as sweet as a Georgia peach, full of life and color, ripened and luscious. Time has been kind! The saints will appreciate your kindness, your gift-giving, your honoring of the mothers and mothering the motherless, and your years of service to the women’s ministries. My friends and spiritual sons and daughters can attest to your hospitality and patience; while I counsel for hours and talk, you make sure the dining table is completely delectable. You never complain!

    Your friends will remember how thoughtful you’ve been in childbirth or parent’s loss. Your clients will applaud the effort you put into your business and the classiness of your products. But, only your family can fully attest to your superpowers. Your indomitable resilience, kind nudges of wisdom, and fierce commitment to us remain indescribable! Happy Birthday to the Queen of our house, the mother of all my children, and the substratum of our family! We are so thankful for you. We are ALL who we are because you loved us! But, don’t get it twisted, we love you dearly!”

    recall that Bishop TD Jakes and Serita got married in 1982 and are blessed with wonderful children; Sarah Jakes Roberts, Cora Jakes Coleman, Jermaine Jakes, Jamar Jakes and Thomas Jakes, Jr.

    Happy birthday and congratulations once more to Serita Jakes.

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