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See How T.D. Jakes’ daughter Sarah celebrated him on father’s day

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Celebrates her father TD Jakes on Father’s day : Bishop TD Jakes daughter who is also the founder of Women Evolved and a senior pastor of ONE (Potter’s House Church), Sarah Jakes Roberts has taken to instagram to celebrate his father on father’s day.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts’ father, Bishop TD Jakes who is a man of great achievement, is the founder of TD Jakes minitries and Potter’s House Church Dallas. He is a renowned preacher, author and film maker.

    Celebrating her father, Bishop TD Jakes on father’s day, Toure Roberts’ wife, Sarah Jakes Roberts took to instagram to write : 

    This is one of my favorite photos of my papa. This is the face I see smiling back at me across a dinner table or crowded room.

    This is the smile I see when there’s something going on in the room that only he and I know. This is the smile I see when my crazy is on full display and there’s not a thing that can be done about it.

    This is the smile that makes me take a moment and thank God that I didn’t just get an incredible father. God blessed me with a great friend.

    Happy Father’s Day to my guy @bishopjakes

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