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sarah Jakes Roberts: Biography, Early life, parents, date of birth, books, Net worth etc

    Sarah Jakes Roberts is  a reputable, talented and bestselling author, businesswoman and media personality. She was born on the 17th of July 1988 in West Virginia , USA. She is presently married to Toure` Roberts.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Bio

    Sarah Jakes Roberts co-pastors in the Potter’s at Los Angeles and Potter’s house Denver.

    Sarah jakes Roberts promoted the ”Refuse to loser 2020 tour aimed at inspiring women to step back into the ring and fight through the personal, emotional and spiritual obstacles holding them back from reaching their life goals and potentials.

    Sarah Jakes who graduated from the High school at the age of 16, owned and managed a blog wherein she posts her life struggles.

    After his High school, she proceeded to Texas Christian University in Forth Worth, Texas , where she studied Journalism .

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Life styles and messages are reiterating and redefining cultural, religious, gender and socio- economic boundaries.

    One of Sarah Jakes Roberts contribution to humanity is the Memoir she wrote in 2014 titled ” Finding Hope in the Detours of Life”. In the memoir, Sarah Jakes critically examined and discussed her toxic relation and depression. After this, in 2017, she launched another of her great work ”Women evolve” .

    In 2018, Sarah Jakes released books like ” Lost and fund, colliding with truth, Dear Mary and don’t settle for safe. Sarah Roberts has been gifted, blessed and decorated with a lot of honors, most recent of which was ”National Overcomer” by Pat and Emmit Smith Charity in partnership with Good-Morning America  co- host.

    Sarah in 2018, launched a fashion line and also hosted a podcast.

    Sarah Jakes  Roberts age

    Sarah Jakes Robbert’ was born on the 17th day of July 1988. The determination of the actual age of Sarah Jakes Roberts is dependent on the year in question. At the time of writing this article being September 2021, Sarah Jakes Roberts is 33 years Old.

    Who is Sarah Jakes Roberts Husband?

    Sarah Jakes Roberts is presently happily married to Toure` Roberts . The couples got married on the 14 November 2014.

    However, Sarah Jakes Roberts was previously married to Robert Henson. It should be pointed out that Sarah Roberts Jakes got pregnant and gave birthto her first child  at the age of 13. Despite the attendant depression, she courageously worked hard and achieved her dreams. Sarah Robert Jakes’s life is a lesson to  all ladies out there who allow early pregnancy, depression and abusive relationship to obstruct them from pursuing their life career and dreams.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Husband Toure Roberts

    Sarah Jakes Roberts and Toure Roberts Picture

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Children

    In total, Sarah Jakes Roberts parents’ six children. Some of the children are from her past relationships while some are from her husband’s past relationship. Below are the six children of Sarah Jakes Roberts :

    1.  Makenzie Henson (with Robert Henson)
    2. Isaiah Roberts and Teya Roberts (Husband’s past relationship)
    3. Ren Taylor Roberts and Ella Roberts (with husband, Touré)
    4. Malachi Jakes (Sarah’s past relationship prior to marriage)

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Children

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Parents

    Sarah Jakes Roberts is the daughter of Bishop Thomas Jakes Sr. Aka Bishop TD Jakes(  a pastor, author and Filmmaker). and Serita Jamison Jakes (Actress) ”mother”.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts siblings

    Sarah Jakes Roberts siblings include Cora-Jakes- Coleman, Jermaine Jakes, Thomas Dexter Jakes Jr. and Jamar Jakes.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Net worth

    As at 2020, the net worth of Sarah Jakes Roberts was estimated at 15 million Dollar.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Church

    Sarah Jakes is a  co-pastor at One Church LA, one of the fastest-growing churches in Los Angeles, alongside her husband, Toure Roberts. They have captured the hearts of multitudes from all around the world with their unique and modern approach to ministry.

    Together, they are highly sought-after voices to millennials, young professionals and families pursuing personal development, transformation and the discovery of purpose. She pastors a dynamic community of artists and professionals in Hollywood, CA.

    Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermons

    Sarah who has taken the footstep of her father Bishop TD Jakes in the spread of the gospel, has over the years delivered a lot of inspiring and life changing sermons. Her amazing sermons and bible teachings can be found on her Youtube Channel.  Some of these these sermons include;

    • Everything Must Go
    • Eat Like A King
    • The Hollow Place
    • Make It Known
    • Change Your Core
    • The Greater The Pain, The Greater The Purpose
    • Be Careful With The Company You Keep
    • Still The One
    • Overnight Success
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