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Bishop TD Jakes And Serita Jakes Thanksgiving Message To Everyone

    Like we all know, today, November 23 is the day set aside by the Americans for their thanksgiving celebration. It is a national holiday and a very special day in the life of all Americans.

    Celebrating today’s America’s thanksgiving, Bishop TD Jakes and his wife took to instagram to share amazing messages to the world.

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving celebration, Bishop Jakes took to instagram to write :

    Today isn’t just about turkey and all those wonderful sides and desserts! It’s about a spirit of gratitude. Give thanks in abundance for all that God has blessed you with. Enjoy rest and peace with your family in the presence of His love.

    Still on the Thanksgiving celebration, Bishop TD Jakes wife, Serita Jakes took to instagram to write:

    Happy Thanksgiving, friends! 🦃 🥧 Whether you plan on spending quality time with loved ones or celebrating on your own, God’s loving embrace surrounds you. Remember to take a moment to express gratitude for all of His abundant blessings.

    I pray this special day brings you joy, love, reflection, comfort, and delicious food! 💓

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