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Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon: You Have To Keep Going

    Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon You Have To Keep Going : T.D Jakes ministry shares this wonderful and insightful sermon by Bishop TD Jakes titled ”You Have To Keep Going”. This is a sermon you cannot afford to miss for your spiritual building process.

    In this sermon, TD Jakes teaches why there is still pain after victory and how to have faith in winning the battle when victory doesn’t feel victorious.

    Life from time to time brings pains, but you must press above the pain and keep moving. This is exactly what Jesus teaches us in the Garden of Gethsemane. When the thick blood was coming out from his skin. He teaches us the agony of going forward.

    When we encounter agonies that tries to push us to a breaking point, we have to know that does not mean we are not recovering.

    Recovery hurts too. Counseling hurts, therapy hurts. Always know that the end of pain is a blessed hope. At the end, we will have an expected end.

    If today, you are suffering, you are in agony, turmoil, and feel disconnected from the world, like life is passing you by, going through vicissitudes of life, just know that tomorrow is coming and if you can endure this moment and stand this agony, if you can endure the darkness of the night, great joy will come in the morning. It may be a long night, but there is no night, no matter how long that will not give way for the morning.

    Please watch, meditate and learn from this sermon by Bishop TD Jakes and as you do so, may God give you the grace to endure pains and may he grant you ecessive joy at the end of every pain.

    Video Credit : TBN  Youtube


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