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Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon : Shattering The Norm

    Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon Shattering The Norm : Here is another wonderful and educative sermon by The founder of Potter’s House Church Dallas and TD Jakes ministries, Bishop TD Jakes for your spiritual growth and development.

    Preaching on this sermon, Bishop TD Jakes said, What do we do when the prophecy received doesn’t fit our current situation? Sometimes, routine tethers our identity; however, as believers, we can’t afford to compromise our standards nor liquefy our uniqueness.

    TD Jakes further said, When trials and tribulations arise, we always resort to our roots. For believers, that foundation is prayer, as it is the bridge to the supernatural. God has smelled and heard our prayers; listen carefully, and you’ll hear His response: “I’m here to shatter your normal!” Be vigilant for God is posturing you for quietness; therein your mouth shall not ruin the manifestation. God is ready to disrupt your normal!

    In his sermon “Shattering the Norm,” Bishop T.D. Jakes exhorts listeners to reject social conventions and instead submit to God’s plan.
    Jakes highlights in his sermon that people should try to be who God has called them to be rather than being constrained by the labels and expectations of others.
    He talks about how people should have the bravery to stand out, to be themselves, and to not let the outside world define them.
    God has given us the ability to determine our own fate and to stand out from the crowd, the speaker argues.
    He exhorts us to value our individuality and to not be constrained by social conventions.

    Jakes also discusses the influence of faith and how it might free us from societal expectations of behavior.
    He exhorts us to put our faith in God’s purpose and to move forward in life by relying on it.
    He makes a point of saying that faith provides us the courage to face our anxieties and take chances that could lead to success.

    Overall, “Shattering the Usual,” Bishop T.D. Jakes’ sermon, is a potent message that exhorts listeners to shatter free from worldly restraints and instead obey God’s will.
    The talk places a strong emphasis on the value of believing in God and knowing that He has a purpose for everyone of us.
    It inspires us to be true to ourselves and not let societal norms dictate who we are.

    kindly watch and learn from this Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon Shattering The Norm and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

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    Watch Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon Youtube ”Shattering The Norm”

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