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Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon How to Defeat Worry

    Bishop T.D. Jakes Sermon How to Defeat Worry: Pastor T.D Jakes teaches us, how to defeat worry and you might not need this today you might not need it right now, you might not need it for what you’re going through but sooner or later all of us go through times in life that are hard to bear, that are difficult, that sometimes bring us to our knees and sometimes keep us up at night sometimes gives us indigestion, sometimes affects our emotional well-being, our mental well-being, it even affects our spiritual well-being.

    In fact worry is such a powerful thing, it can actually ultimately affect your physical well-being. So what’s going on in your head will affect what’s going on in your body and you need to understand that the sometimes the worry is more lethal than what you’re worrying about.

    Something’s that we worry about, often can be fixed, so why are we worrying about it. It is throwing all kind of damage to you and the difficult thing about being worried especially when you’re a spiritual person is, sometimes you don’t even want anybody to know that you’re worried about it, you feel obligated to maintain this facade that suggests that nothing gets to you.

    You turn it all over to the Lord in prayer and all that’s wonderful all, that’s good, but if you live long enough, if you just live long enough, you will go through some things that will try your heart, that will bother you, if you have children, if you have a marriage, if you have a business, if you have a company, if you’re pastoring a church, if you’re leading a flock, you’ll find yourself in situations of being over whelmed and often at the moments that you there’s little to nobody to turn to and you find yourself feeling really really frustrated.

    Number one, is don’t waste time on whose fault it is, in a crisis, blame doesn’t fix anything. Many times we have a tendency to focus on who to blame and not realizing all the energy you’re spending on blaming and trying to figure out who’s right and who’s wrong and proving that you were right.

    Blame is very ineffective, if you’re blaming yourself, it doesn’t matter who caused the wreck, it matters that I’m wrecked in my head is bleeding and you have to prioritize, when you’re under attack what is most important and focus your energy on that

    Number two, if you find yourself spinning your wheels mentally, give your mind a break, come back to it after some rest. rest restores the mind to restoration. if what you’re thinking isn’t bringing about the fireball results in your life, then you need to change your thinking.

    Number three, train your mind to skim over the problem and focus on being solution oriented. All day long some people just go over and over the problem I can’t believe it I can’t believe this happening I can’t believe my son ran away I can’t believe I got a child in jail over and over again what did I do wrong I thought I was the best mother you just call it over, no skim over the problem and let’s start focusing on being solution, oriented training your mind to be solution-oriented whether you’re a leader or an employee or just a person in general, it is very important.

    Number four, I want to give you this one, irrigate your mind by talking to people who can share a fresh perspective and don’t argue with wise counsel trying to exonerate yourself or indict someone else bring other people in your life who or more seasoned or who have been through things like that.

    Number five, some things are beyond your control, you have to know when it’s over your head and not let your ego make you insist on I can handle it.

    Pastor T.D.Jakes wants us to know that we can always handle stress if we follow this procedures.


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