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Biography of Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr Of Bethel Baptist Institutional  Church

     Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Biography

    Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr was the former pastor of Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Jacksonville, Florida.

    Bishop Rudolph Mckissick sr

    Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr, has been married for a long period of fifty one years to his heartthrob Estelle Teresa Lee Williams and his only son Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Jr took over from him after fourty seven years. Also he has three grandchildren : Joshua, Janai and Jocelyn.

    Bishop Rudolph Mckissick jr

    In Bethel Baptist Institutional Church was Bishop Rudolph  raised from childhood, before becoming the presiding pastor of the church. In the history of Bethel Institutional Church, Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr is taken to be the pastor that served longest time, after spending about forth seven years as the presiding pastor in church and of which he retired in 2014, precisely 31st January, 2014. Though retired, Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr is still active in the church as a pastoral counsellor, which he does at his spare time.

    As a child in Bethel Institutional Baptist church, before he answered the divine call of being a pastor, Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr, was part of the choir, of which he was given male chorus choir director, and other positions he held in the church such as church school teacher, assistant deacon and deacon. The firm believe Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr is that the rationale behind his achievement in ministry is predicted on his hands on ministry style and his admiration for people. Also, being the longest pastor in the church, he ascribed it to his act of his humble and continuous service to mankind.

    There are plethora of achievement Bishop Rudolph Mcssick  made during his time as a pastor in the church, some of these are the construction of educational building, which was named after him. Also, there was the construction of a city block of property and which is presently occupied by Main Sanctuary and Family Life Centre.

    Also, because of the charismatic nature of Bishop Rudolph Mcssick senior and his achievements in the ministry,  in his honour, the Jacksonville City Council, was renamed Rudolph Mckissick, Sr Boulevard.

    As regards to the educational background of Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr, he obtained from Edward Waters College, a Bachelor Degree and the duo of Bethune Cookman University and Edward Waters College honoured him with an Honorary Doctoral Degrees.

    Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr, at Music Institute of Columbia University, Luther Rice Seminary, Tuskegee Institute and Princeton University, he obtained a higher training.

    Fundamentally, it is apposite to know that apart from the ministry, Rudolph Mcssick Sr also handled some public offices, such as, being a member of the board of trustees of Edward Water College for thirty years, member board of trustees of University of North Florida, member of Jacksonville Urban League, member board of the Duval Medical Centre, member National Council of Christians and Jews and the YMCA James Weldon Johnson Branch

    Also, Bishop Rudolph Sr was a member of Baptist Ministers Conference of Jacksonville of which he was their president. Bishop Rudolph  Sr, was also at the helm of affairs of Pastors Conference of the National Baptist Convention. He was also the initiator of Help Centre which was formerly Christian Mission Centre, where those that are addicted to alcohol and drugs could seek assistance. Also, the Help centre help those with accommodation issues.

    In 2003, the indefatigable Bishop  received the coveted award of Bernard V. Gregory Servant Leader from Volunteer Jacksnoville. He is the coordinator of Jacksville coalition of African American pastors. There are other cascades of organization of which, Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr is a member, which are Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and NAACP.

    In the charismatic nature of Bishop Rudolph Sr, he was also appointed as the prelate in charge of Marriage and Family in the full gospel Baptist church fellowship. Also, in his myriads of achievements, he was honoured with Mayor’s Trailblazer Honoree recipient for the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2003.

    Also, in his quest to evangelize the word of God to the whole world, Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr has in alliance with Fresh Ministries Inc travelled to South Africa and as a guest to Amity Trukish Cultural Centre, was among  the tour or Turkey, which other renowned men of God equally participated, which they went to significant sites and cities.

    The impact Bishop Rudolph Mcssick Sr has done to cascades of lives, is unquantifiable and is seen as a pacesetter and role model by many within his forty-seven years in the ministry, which is predicated on his divine and genuine nature. He is the spiritual father to over fifty young women and men in the ministry and which includes his only son that took over from him, Bishop  Mcssick Jr.

    Finally, Rudolph Mcssick Sr in alliance with the wife, Estelle initiated the Bethel Enhancing Students Totally Saturday Academy, (BEST) which has been a total blessing to the residents of Jacksonville for twenty years


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