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Bishop Jackie McCullough Sermons – Pour Out Your Heart To Him

    Bishop Jackie McCullough Sermons Pour Out Your Heart To Him: we need to empty our hearts to the lord, it has accumulated a lot of sadness, worries, disappointments, frustrations and discouragements. so what do you when you feel your heart is full? the human heart is like a container that hold a lot of things that are of importance when it comes to keeping us alive physically, it also affects us emotionally and spiritually.

    Schools are about to resume and the kids are about to start going out but there is no telling how this will turn out or affect anything, this  has brought about anxiety and fears. A lot of people want to know when this whole fears and worries will come to an end they want to know where God is, is he attending to our cries and he is not responding.

    Bishop Jackie McCullough wants us to turn to God the more right now, and make our cries stronger and louder. Psalm 62 vs. 8 says “Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us”. we are the people being referred to in this verse, we are the believers who know that he is able, he is a very present God and he is almighty, he is a God that consistent, so we must trust in him and not ever give up trust him, even though everything around you seems to be falling apart, even though it seems like you have been praying for a very long time with no manifestations, even though you feel stagnant you must not give up trust in him, unshakable trust in God leads to amazing break throughs, to trust him is to be confident and secure to put your trust in him even in times of turbulence and hopelessness.



    Psalm 62 vs. 8


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