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Biography of Pastor Chris Beall

    There are numerous ministers of the gospel who have effortlessly helped in moving the word of God from place to place. These set of people have contributed their respective resources to ensure preaching the word of God is a success.

    Biography of Pastor Chris Beall

    Pastor Chris Beall
    Chris Beall
    Background Information
    Full Name: Chris Beall
    Gender Male
    Place of Birth: United States
    Nationality: American
    Spouse Cindy
    Net Worth $1 Million
    Occupation: Pastor

    Pastor Chris Beall is a motivational and keynote speaker and a campus pastor of Life Chruch, predominantly in Oklahoma City. He has contributed mainly to the church’s growth and oversees many locations within the Oklahoma City metro area.


    Pastor Chris Beall is estimated to be in his early 50s.

    Early Life

    Pastor Chris Beall was born in Oklahoma City, United States. He grew up in the city with his family and obtained his primary education there. After that, Pastor Chris Beall went to the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts.

    Personal Life

    Pastor Chris Beall got married to Cindy Beall in 1993, and their union is blessed with 3 sons, of which two are from their marriage, and one is Chris’s son and Cindy’s stepson.


    Pastor Chris Beall is a minister and campus pastor of Life Church in Oklahoma City. He and his wife, Cindy Beall, have been in ministerial works for over 25 years of their marriage.

    Pastor Chris Beall was first at a Memphis Church for his ministerial works before heading to the Life Church. He faced a lot of difficulty with pornography and infidelity, but after proper guidance and counseling, he eventually found his way back to God.

    After the issues, he was appointed to a leadership position and currently sits as the campus pastor of the Oklahoma City facility.

    Battles With Infidelity And Pornography Addiction

    Pastor Chris Beall was a pornography addict and struggled with infidelity in his marriage to Cindy Beall. He was addicted to porn and would watch it several times; through this act, he engaged in chats with different females.

    Pastor Chris Beall eventually opened up to his wife, Cindy Beall, in 2002 after they moved to a new home. He said the reason for his opening up was after listening to Pastor Groeschel of Life Church.

    As a result of his infidelity, Pastor Chris Beall got a lady pregnant, of which she gave birth to a son; he opened up to his wife Cindy, and to date, the said son spends time with them during holidays.

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