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BILL JOHNSON – Sunday Service – Weekend Bethel Service February-07-2021 Live Stream

    JOIN Bethel Church Sunday Service with BILL JOHNSON at 2:30PM, Live Stream (February-07-2021). 

    You are welcome to Bethel church with the Senior Pastor Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson and the entire Bethel Church is gradually taking over the world for Jesus Christ and is making disciples all over the world. Jesus said, the ‘the knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven has been given to you’. This means that, a higher level of understanding has been granted unto us that other do not have. Pastor Bill Johnson is giving light to this great mysteries of old through the Sunday services with Bill Johnson which you can stream live in this website. It is not a secret that, the teachings, sermons, messages, devotions and Christian articles delivered by Bill Johnson at Bethel Church is changing lives even in continents.

    Bethel Church and its leaderships in respect to the great command of our Lord Jesus is making the gospel accessible to all by providing live broadcasting from Bethel Church to all nations. You can now stream live Sunday services with Bill Johnson right at your home. With Bethel Sunday services, the gospel is preached with the sole aim of winning souls and edifying believers, the sick are also healed, the oppressed are made free, and everyone is made an agent of change. You may feel like you are too far from Bethel Church. Well, Sunday service with Bill Johnson today is right at your door step. Tune in and have a live experience every Sunday to stream live Sunday services with Pastor Bill Johnson now. You may be asking where to stream live Sunday services with Bill Johnson, this website is the answer. We bring you every single update at the right time for the purpose of God to be fulfilled.


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