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Big Picture Thinking – Bishop T.D. Jakes Motivational 2022

    Bishop T.D. Jakes Motivational 2022 Big Picture Thinking  : Jesus believes and respects elders. The Old Testament teaches and tells us that we are to honour our fathers and mothers which is the only commandment with a promise of adding years to our life and that alone makes it worth it. When it comes to the mission of Christ, He did not allow His alliance of His mother get in the way of His mission.

    There is a difference between the big picture and the small picture thinking. Jesus made a big picture statement to a small picture thinking person by saying “ye know not what ye ask”. He literally said I am getting to die for the world and you say can you get my kids a job? She couldn’t see the big picture from looking at the small frame.

    Sometimes you cannot talk the God-kind of talk when you have a small picture approach to life. Mary the mother of Jesus brings a small picture issue to a big picture God and when she does this, He says ye know not what ye ask which we can interpret to mean I know you worship me and just because you do doesn’t mean you understand me.

    When there is a hole in your character, nothing is ever enough, nobody can love you enough, nobody can think you are beautiful enough, nobody can do enough for you. It is never enough because whatever you get in is leaking out through something in your life that stops you from saying I am thankful for what I have right now.

    Whenever God is ready to promote, there will always be an escalation of trouble. It was worth coming through the rain to get in. Whenever the enemy knows that you have a destiny, he will always set a distraction to stop you from getting to your destiny and the distraction will always escalate before it gets better. To whom much is given, much is required and before you ask for something, look at the cup.

    Many are focused on where they want to seat but haven’t looked at what they have to drink to get there. Most times, we underestimate what it takes to get to the next level. We want the promise without the problem, we want acknowledgement without agony, riches without work, fame without loneliness pleasure without pain which shows that we know not what we ask.

    Before you ask God for the chair, be sure you look in the cup because between you and the chair is always the cup.

    Viideoo Credit : T.D Jakes Youtube

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