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Bianca Olthoff Message: Rebellious Revival

    Bianca Olthoff Message Rebellious Revival : The Father’s House OC shares this message by Bianca Olthoff titled “Rebellious Revival” which is a part of his series ‘Supernatural Results’ and it is a message you will love to listen to. Bianca who is a pastor of The Father’s House OC has changed the lives of many people positively through her teachings and way of life.

    According Olthoff, the truth of the matter is is that there is a God who calls over all of our lives and it sounds awesome. I want a call, I want to be anointed, I would have a purpose. It sounds really awesome at that front end but there’s always a cost to the call and that’s what Bianca wants to take a look at in the third installment of this series.

    This is exactly what Jonah did. Jonah got a call and he’s like no; you want me to go to Nineveh (Nineveh is modern-day Iraq) … he’s like you want me to go to a people that not only hate you God but they hate me and my people. They have cruelly oppressed me … you want me to go there and give them a message of mercy.

    Watch, listen and meditate on the words of truth in this sermon by Bianca Olthoff and stay tuned as we keep updating you with the latest sermons by pastors all around the world.

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