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Biography Of Pastor Ben Prescott

    Numerous men and women have devoted all their effort to ensuring that the world is reached with God’s word. Several of these individuals are seen as figureheads in the pursuit of enriching the masses with knowledge of the word of God.

    Biography Of Pastor Ben Prescott

    Pastor Ben Prescott
    Ben Prescott
    Background Information
    Full Name: Ben Prescott
    Gender Male
    Place of Birth:
    Nationality: American
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Pastor

    Pastor Ben Prescott is a minister and pastor of the Free Chapel Orange County in California. He is popularly known as a teacher who has greatly utilized his teachings and lifestyle in impacting the lives of many people.


    Pastor Ben Prescott’s age is yet to be disclosed.

    Early Life And Education

    Pastor Ben Prescott is said to have grown up in Australia before deciding to move to California. It was in California that he mainly focused on ministerial activities and actively contributed to the growth of the Free Chapel Church. Aside from these, there is no further information on his educational achievements or the institutions which he attended.

    Ministry Works

    Pastor Ben Prescott and his wife, Caressa Prescott have been in ministerial business for a long time. He is currently serving as a minister at the Free Chapel Orange County located in California.

    Pastor Ben Prescott has previously engaged in numerous ministerial works with his love for Jesus known to be the major impact that made him join ministry work. Free Chapel Orange County is a ministry that has allowed him to showcase his God-given talent from which he has benefited.

    Pastor Ben Prescott has been a major contributor to the church and preaches quite a lot of messages of faith and other biblical topics.

    Personal Life

    Pastor Ben Prescott is married to Carressa Prescott and together they have two children namely Luca and Leo Prescott.

    Pastor Ben Prescott’s Social Media

    Pastor Ben Prescott is active on social media in the below-listed platforms.

    • Instagram: @benprescott

    • Twitter: @bennyprescott

    Net Worth

    Pastor Ben Prescott has an undisclosed net worth.

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