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Biography And Ministry Of Becky Hennessy

    Ministry work requires committed, diligent, and dedicated individuals who mainly work to win souls for Christ. Many people have shown these attributes and have been able to achieve a lot under the guidance and instruction of God

    Biography Of Becky Hennessy

    Becky Hennessy
    Becky Hennessy
    Background Information
    Full Name: Becky Hennessy
    Gender Female
    Place of Birth:
    Ethnicity: American
    Net Worth
    Occupation:  Pastor

    Becky Hennessy is a pastoral leader and minister at the Trinity Church Cedar Hill in the USA. She is a lover of the word of God and co-leads the Trinity Church with her husband, Pastor Jim Hennessy.


    Becky Hennessy is estimated to be in her mid-50s.

    Early Life And Education

    Becky Hennessy was born in Parma, Ohio, in the United States. Despite there being limited information on her early days growing up, she was born into a Christian home which helped to prepare her for a journey of pastorate work.

    Becky Hennessy attended the Vallet Forge High School in Parma Heights, Ohio, where she graduated in 1975. After completing her high school education, she went to Central Bible College in Springfield, United States, and graduated in 1978.

    Personal Life

    Becky Hennessy is married to Pastor Jim Hennessy, and together they have 3 children, Ross, Ryan, and Katelyn.


    Becky Hennessy has always had the desire to preach the word of God and win souls for Christ. She is hugely regarded as a uniquely gifted teacher who seeks to gather diverse individuals to salvation.

    Becky Hennessy is the co-pastor of the Trinity Church with her husband, Pastor Jim Hennessy. She has managed a lot of activities in the church and has contributed significantly to its growth and massive recognition.

    Ministry Of Becky Hennessy

    Becky Hennessy is a powerful and selfless minister of the gospel. She communicates well through her words and currently serves as a co-pastor in the Trinity Church. Becky Hennessy also serves as the Director of Reformation and City Transformation; her attitude toward the word of God is well respected and applauded in the church.

    Through the Reformation and City Transformation, she has been able to gather “Reformers” to who she taught the scriptures while leading them to Christ.

    Net Worth

    Becky Hennessy has an undisclosed net worth.

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