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Bebe Angel: Biography and Everything you need to know about her

    Bebe Angel Biography:

    Bebe Angel is a well-known prophetess and businesswoman from Zimbabwe. She is also a philanthropist, author, and speaker. She is the wife of Prophet Uebert Angel and the co-senior prophet of Spirit Embassy Church. Beverly Madzudzo, popularly known as Bebe Angel, was born on July 4, 1982, in Zimbabwe.

    Uebert Angel and wife Bebe Angel

    Bebe Angel Age

    Bebe was born on the 4th of July, 1982. Accordingly , by July 4th 2022, Uebert Angel iwfe Bebe will be 40 years old.

    Bebe Angel Educational qualifications

    Uebert Angel’s wife Bebe attended Univertsity of Salford where she obtained a degree in Business Finance . She also holds a post-graduate degree in Education from the University of Bolton and a Master’s degree in organizational and Business Psychology at the University of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. In a nutshell, Bebe Angel is a woman of vast knowledge and experience.

    Bebe Angel family

    Bebe Angel husband Prophet Uebert Angel

    Bebe Angel is the wife of Prophet Uebert Angel. The couple met in Harare in Zimbabwe when Bebe was just 18.

    They got married on the 21st of December, 2000 and they have been happily married for 21 years. She is not just a prophetess and a philanthropist, but also a devoted wife and mother of four boys. Also, Bebe serves with her husband as patrons of their charity arm, the Uebert Angel Foundation.

    Uebert Angel and wife Bebe Angel
    Uebert Angel and wife Bebe Angel


    Bebe is a well-known speaker, television host, and instructor in the Christian community. Beverly Angel travels extensively over the world and speaks to thousands of people each year. Miracles, signs, wonders, and correct prophecies have all been associated with her name. Her candor and willingness to face life head-on have made her one of the world’s most powerful female influencers and life coaches.

    She is also the founder of Flair, a women’s organization dedicated to helping women grow in God’s love. Beverly is also the CEO of H.O.M.E., an organization that provides care for the elderly, builds schools, and provides educational funding to impoverished children, among other things.

    Together with her husband, Uebert Angel, they are the founders of the ever-growing Spirit Embassy churches around the globe.

    Bebe Angel is a seasoned entrepreneur with an amazing track record that includes Vincenzo Luca Milan, Brits Money, and The Angel Organization network of enterprises, which she co-owns with her husband.

    Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophetess Bebe Angel

    Beverly who is a mother of 4 also serves with the husband as Patrons of their charity arm ”the Uebert Angel Foundation”. The vision and mission of this Uebert Angel Foundation is to give to those teach people about the love of Christ through giving to those in need.

    Beverly Angel is the CEO of Spirit Embassy Ltd., as well as other businesses which includes:

    Lion Crest Limited
    Miracle TV Ltd
    Levi House Ltd
    Spirit Embassy Ltd
    Coffee Islands (PVT) Ltd
    Black Stallion Limited
    Miracle Time TV Limited
    You can find more of her messages on their YouTube Channel.


    In addition to being a prophetess and a seasoned business woman , Beverly Angel is a renowned author with many books to her credit , some of which include :

    1.Grace Driven Life,

    2. Intimacy, and

    3. Enjoy Life Now

    4. Secret Place.


    Prophetess Bebe Angel has remianed committed in her effort towards the spread of the gospel to ensure spiritual growth and development of people worldwide. This she ensures through constantly releasing inspiring and educative sermons.

    Below are some of the life changing sermons by Bebe Angels:
    The Secret Place
    What To Do When You Need A Miracle
    Pneuma & Alethia
    Spiritual Warfare
    Faith That Stands Still
    I Have Seen The Glory
    Supernatural Immunity
    5 Signs That You Are Under Satanic Surveillance
    Net Worth
    We cannot estimate how much Bebe Angel is worth. On the other hand her husband, Uebert Angel is worth around $50 million.

    Beverly Angels Social Media

    You can follow Prophetess Beverly “Bebe” Angel on the following social media platforms:

    Instagram: @beverlyuangel

    Twitter: @BeverlyUAngel


    Facebook: @BeBeAngelOfficial

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