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Audrey Marie Cosby: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, Net Worth etc

    Audrey Marie Cosby is  an American preacher and Evangelist. She is the wife of  Rev. Dr. Marcus Cosby who is the senior pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. Her position as the wife of the senior pastor makes her the First Lady of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. Audrey Cosby is among the top 30 influential women of Houston.


    Audrey Marie Cosby is  an American preacher, Evangelist, wife of the senior pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Rev. Dr. Marcus Cosby

    Audrey Marie Cosby is from Chicago, Illinois. A lot of things about Audrey’s early life are unknown; there is barely any information on her childhood or her parents. However, she has been described as someone who is committed to the care and nurture of family and the faithful.

    Audrey Marie Cosby Biography

    Audrey began providing home health care for those who were confined to their homes while she was in Virginia. She also provides the same care for the people in Virginia here in Houston.


    Audrey was born to her parents on 9th May 1973. Accordingly as at the time of this publication (2022), Audrew Cosby is  49 years old .  Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church first Lady Audrey celebrates every 9th of May every year.

    Celebrating her birthday and mother’s day, Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church took to instagram to share 


    Audrey Marie Cosby was born to her parents in Chicago, Illinois, US


    Audrey studied nursing at Hampton University.


    Audrey Marie Cosby is married to her high school lover  Rev. Dr. Marcus Cosby who is the senior pastor of wheeler Avenue Baptist Church.

    Audrey Marie Cosby husband Rev Dr. Marcus D. Cosby


    Audrey is a proud mother of five children, their names are; Adrienne Marie, Ashley Marie, Aliyah Marie, Marcus D II and Matthew D. Cosby.


    Mrs. Cosby has served as a guide to young people. She served as the Middle School Ministry Liaison ever since moving to Houston in 2004 to take on the role of First Lady of the renowned Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church family; something in which she has vast experience.

    Audrey has also served as a middle school ministry coordinator. She expanded the church’s outreach to the homeless population, and mentored young girls in the Girls Rites of Passage Program. She has also led other service projects.

    Additionally, she serves as a board member for the Central City Comprehensive Community Center (5 C’s), a nonprofit devoted to promoting social services in the Third Ward neighborhood.

    In addition to her work at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Cosby is also involved in community affairs.
    She belongs to Jack and Jill of America and The Links, Inc.  She has held positions as the Harris County Election Clerk and a member of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services’ Citizen Review Team.
    Cosby Audrey was just voted to the Target Hunger Board of Directors and the Executive Board of the Imani School Parent Association.

    Audrey is described as a First Ladies who act first class in all she does; Balancing the demands of the role of the First Lady with that of caring for her family is challenging for Mrs. Cosby but one that she handles with grace and style because God has granted her so much favor.



    The Exact net worth of Mrs. Cosby is unknown because she has not released that information to the public. However, she earns from multiple sources, and they include her church salary, her public speaking engagements among others.


    Instagram: 4xamc

    Twitter: (@amcosbyx3)


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