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Pastor Artur Pawlowski: Wife, Son & Age, Family, Net Worth

    There is an increasing number of individuals that are known to lend their time, money, and other resources to spread the gospel. These people have ensured that the gospel reaches different parts of the world.

    Biography Of Pastor Artur Pawlowski

    Artur Pawlowski
    Artur Pawlowski

    Artur Pawlowski is a political activist and street preacher of Polish-Canadian origin. He previously led the Kings Glory Fellowship and is the pastor of Calgary’s Cave of Adullam congregation.

    Background Information
    Full Name: Artur Pawlowski
    Gender Male
    Born: 28 March 1973 (age 49 years),
    Place of Birth: Kożuchów, Poland
    Ethnicity: Polish
    Nationality: Polish-Canadian
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Street Preacher and Political Activist

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski is a famous polish-Canadian Protestant preacher and notable political activist. He is the officiating pastor of the Cave of Adullam Congregation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski is the founder and pastor of the Street Church Ministries (SCM), a group currently not regarded as a charitable organization or religious setting by the Canadian government.


    Pastor Artur Pawlowski is 49 years old.

    Early Life

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski was born on the 28th of March 1973 in Kozuchów, Poland. Before moving to Canada, he and his family were living in Greece. Pastor Artur Pawlowski eventually migrated to Canada in 1995 and became a full Canadian citizen in 2004 after staying in the country for over 9 years.

    Street Pastor And Political Activist

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski has conducted several works, and in 2005, he, together with other street evangelists, utilized a PA system of a truck to send sermons around downtown.

    After that, he became the founder and pastor of Street Church Ministries, mainly engaging in public preaching and Christian Street Outreach.

    Aside from his ministerial works, Pastor Artur Pawlowski has engaged in various political activism movements. In 2010, the street ministry lost its charitable status as a religious organization due to its activities which were regarded as non-partisan.

    Despite being considered a big worry to society, Pastor Artur Pawlowski has received recognition for his works. He has received an Honorary Chaplain position for the Province of Alberta from Magen David Adom and an Honorary Ordination for humanitarian works in Africa by Bishop Dr. Gerry Kibarabara.

    Net Worth

    Pastor Artur Pawlowski has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.


    Pastor Artur Pawlowski is married to Marzena Pawlowski, and they have 3 children, namely Gabriel, Nathaniel, and Maya-Grace. He currently resides with his family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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