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Amie Dockery: Biography, Age, Family Life, Career, And Net Worth

    Amie Dockery is an American pastor, author and renowned public speaker.  Amie is currently the Senior Associate Pastor of Covenant Church, where she oversees over 14,000 members, a staff and pastoral team of 135 and coordinates the ministry initiatives for 5 campuses. Interestingly, Amie Dockery is a breast cancer survivor.

    Who is Amie Dockery?

    Amie Dockery Biography

    Pastor Amie Dockery is the lead pastor of Covenant Church, a non-denominational, multi-site church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She is an inspirational leader, an engaging speaker, and an advocate for the marginalized.

    Pastor Amie was born in a small town in Oklahoma and raised in a large family of nine children. From a young age, she was captivated by the power of Christ and the possibility of redemption. She was obedient to the call of God, and accepted His grace to pursue full-time ministry.

    Amie Dockery Biography

    In college, Pastor Amie studied religion and business and earned her degree from Oklahoma Baptist University. She went on to earn her Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    After graduating, Pastor Amie served as a pastor in churches in Dallas and Houston. She developed a passion for mission work and traveled to many countries, including India, Haiti, and Guatemala. Her travels were instrumental in shaping her understanding of the presence of God in all people around the world.

    In 2012, Pastor Amie was called to serve as the lead pastor of Covenant Church. Under her leadership, Covenant Church has grown to be a vibrant and diverse congregation, with over 500 members and multiple campuses across the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


    Pastor Amie is passionate about creating a safe, nonjudgmental space for everyone to experience the love and grace of God. She is a devoted follower of Christ and promotes the power of prayer and Scripture as the foundation of faith. She works to bridge the gap between the Christian faith and the diverse cultures and experiences of the communities she serves.

    Pastor Amie is also committed to advocating for the marginalized and vulnerable in her community. She has served on the board of directors for numerous nonprofits and outreach organizations, and worked to create a safe haven for those in need.

    In addition to her pastoral duties, Pastor Amie is a frequent speaker at conferences and events, and has been featured in various publications and podcasts. She is a popular guest on the Christian television network, TBN, and has written several books about her faith journey.

    Pastor Amie’s life is an example of her dedication to the cause of Christ and her commitment to serving those around her. She is an inspiring leader and a passionate advocate for the vulnerable and marginalized. Through her ministry, she is helping to bring the love of God to more and more people each day.

    Amie Dockery Age

    She was born in 1974. She is currently 48 years old.


    Amie Dockery obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Lee University in Cleveland, TN.

    Family Life

    Stacey Dockery is Amie Dockery’s husband.

    Amie Dockery Husband Stacey Dockery

    The couple met while they were in college and got married in July 14 1995, making them 27 years in marriage  as at the time of this publication. Just like Amie, Stacey is a preacher’s son; however, he was not called to the pulpit.

    Celebrating their 27th year of marriage, Amie took to instagram to share

    The couple is blessed with four children, and they live in the Dallas, TX, area.


    Amie challenged herself as an author and entrepreneur while raising young children. Although she had originally intended to be a journalist, her love of language and study quickly led her into teaching at the church her parents were pastors.
    Her passion to write five novels, three devotionals, and a book study was motivated by her desire to see people experience life to the fullest.

    Amie Dackery children

    Amie has had the privilege of developing her leadership skills through her management of a significant non-profit organization and her work as the creator of the Flourish conference, which attracts tens of thousands of women from all over the world.

    Also, Amie has a unique understanding of the Word of God and how it influences the contemporary believer due to her strategic intuition, imaginative revelation, and prophetic edge.

    She stands out as a speaker and writer because of her capacity to convey the relevance of historical figures to the present while inspiring optimism for the future.Another thing about Amie is that she is unafraid to discuss the most important and difficult problems that Christians are currently confronting because she has insight beyond her years. Also she has a particular love for ministering primarily to women.Amie encourages individuals to rise above their present circumstances and realize their full potential with her special capacity to help them visualize her message and her amusing true-to-life anecdotes.

    Amie Dockery Books

    Some amazing and life changing books by Amie Dockery include:

    • On Daddy’s Shoulders,
    • Designing Your Dream Husband and the
    • When Women book ,and
    • Bible Study trilogy: When Women Worship, When Women War and When Women Reign.

    Net Worth

    Information relating to the exact net worth of Pastor Amei Dockery is currently not available. However, her primary source of income is from her books, speaking engagements, and pastoral work.

    Social Media

    You can follow Amie Dockery on the following social media platforms:




    Frequently asked questions and answers about Pastor Amie Dockery of Covenant church

    Q: What is the mission of Covenant Church?

    A: Covenant Church’s mission is to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, equip them to become fully devoted followers of Jesus, and send them out to make disciples and serve others.

    Q: What is Pastor Amie Dockery’s preaching style?

    A: Pastor Amie Dockery’s preaching style is expository and interactive. She believes in exploring the text of scripture and applying it to everyday life.

    Q: What types of ministries does Covenant Church offer?

    A: Covenant Church offers a variety of ministries to meet the needs of the congregation and the community. These include children’s ministries, youth ministries, missions, music ministry, and small groups.

    Q: How can I get involved in Covenant Church?

    A: There are many ways to get involved in Covenant Church. You can join a small group, attend a Sunday service, or volunteer in one of the many ministries offered. Additionally, there are many opportunities to serve and give through the church.

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