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Biography Of William Branham

    The number of gospel ministers and pastors has never ceased to end, given several inspirations and revelations targeted at spreading the gospel. Through this inspiration, men and women have been tasked with spreading this word.

    Biography Of William Branham

    William Branham
    William Branham
    Background Information
    Full Name: William Marrion Branham
    Gender Male
    Born: 6 April 1909,
    Place of Birth: Burkesville, Kentucky, United States
    Died: 24 December 1965, Amarillo, Texas, United States
    Nationality: American
    Spouse Meda Marie Broy (m. 1941–1965), Amelia Hope Brumbach (m. 1934–1937)
    Children: Joseph BranhamRebekah Branham Smith,
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Christian minister and faith healer

    William Branham, whose full name is William Marriott Branham, was an American Minister and faith healer responsible for the Post-World War II healing revival. He claimed to be a man of God anointed as Elijah, who had the vision of Christ’s second coming.


    William Branham was aged 56 when he died.

    Early Life

    William Branham was born on the 6th of April 1909 in Burkesville, Kentucky, United States. According to his messages, William Branham grew up in a low-income family who barely had the means of survival and had to resort to criminal activities.

    Given his hardship, while growing up, he searched for a better life and traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, at age 19. In Arizona, William Branham worked as a Ranch operator and kickstarted a career in boxing.

    Early Ministry

    William Branham started his ministerial works as the leader of Roy Davis’s Jeffersonville Church in 1934 after Davis faced trial. The first Pentecostal Baptist Church was destroyed by fire in May or April 1934, and Branham, together with his members, helped to organize a new church in Jeffersonville.

    A new church was built in 1933 with its name ‘Billie Branham Pentecostal Tabernacle’ registered in the city of Jeffersonville in November 1936. The church, however, faced some issues due to short financial support, and William Branham had to serve without any compensation.

    During his ministerial days, he traveled to various places to speak, including the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ.

    Personal Life

    William Branham married his first wife, Amelia Hope Brumbach, in June 1934, and they had two children; a son William “Billy” Paul Branham, and a daughter Sharon Rose. Sadly, his wife died in 1937. William Branham married his second wife, Meda Marie Broy, in 1941, and together they had 3 children; 2 daughters, Rebekah and Sarah, and a son Joseph.


    William Branham died on the 24th of December 1965 after suffering from injuries in a car accident while going to Jeffersonville for Xmas holiday.

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