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Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church: Beliefs, Service Times, Locations, And Pastors.

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    Wheeler Avenue Baptist church History

    In March1962, 13 pioneering worshipers came together in the lounge of Texas Southern University’s Baptist Student Union for the sole aim of establishing an ecclesiastical form of expression through which the worship of God and service to mankind could co-exist. The gathering led to the establishment of a avenue or platform through which those assembled would express their faith and extend hope to others. The said platform/ congregation formed is today known as known as Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. The congregation quickly grew from the 13 members to 12, 000 members.

    In 1962, the Southern Baptists gave the church its first sanctuary, which became known as “The Chapel”  consisting of a prayer chapel, a scout house, a sanctuary for worship, a shipping and receiving facility and the William A. Lawson Christian Life Center and Community Life Center, all of which were consecrated for the work of ministry during the 41st church anniversary.

    The founding pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, the Reverend William A. Lawson, declared during the anniversary celebration on June 6, 2004, that he was ready to hand the leadership over to another shepherd after 42 years of serving in the Lord’s vineyard.

    In the fall of 2008, Pastor Marcus D. Cosby revealed the five-year vision plan which he received from God includes four points: 1) Welcoming/Witnessing Church, which aims to inspire the Congregation to fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus to His disciples; 2) Winning Children, which supports the preparation of the future generation of faith; 3)Worldwide Commitment, which seeks to develop within the congregation a more authentic concept of Jesus’ command for His people to be His witnesses to the uttermost part of the earth; and 4) Worship Center, which encourages the congregation to reflect on the meaning of  building a place for the Glory of God.


    The Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church have their core belief in the following:

    1. They believe in an all-powerful, all-knowing Creator-God who fashioned His universe, probably in the image of His own Heavenly realm. He placed humans, made in His image-He is a spiritual Trinity, was as earthly families- in this very good universe to manage it for Him.
    2.  They hold the belief that human pride led them to attempt to usurp God’s authority as Ruler of the universe, and in consequence both humans and the universe have been corrupted and damaged, and that we are condemned to be destroyed.

    3. Redemption: Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church believes that because of His omniscience, God foresaw a rebellion and had previously devised a plan to restore order to the cosmos and humanity. This plan would develop through a chosen servant (Abraham), a chosen country (Israel), a body of divine law, a string of trials that were under the divine control, a message delivered by selected prophets, a personal visit to earth by God’s own Son, and His death and resurrection.

    4. Stewardship: Lastly, they believe that God requires a total stewardship of our personal selves, our time, our gifts, and our treasure; our families and any friends we may influence to join us in His holy work; He expects that total stewardship to call us to personal piety and to social action. They believe that He wants to use us in sanctuary and in market-place, to preach conversion and civic justice, as church members and as professionals or students or homemakers, as total servants bringing a total message to the total human condition.

    Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Locations

    Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church is located at 3826 Wheeler Avenue Houston TX, 77004.

    Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Service Times

    Sunday: 8:00AM, & 11:30 AM
    Sunday School: 10:00 AM
    Children’s Sunday School: 8:00 AM
    Children’s Church: 11:30 AM

    Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Pastors

    Rev. William A. Lawson: Rev. William A. Lawson is the founding Pastor Emeritus of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He retired in 2004

    Lawson was born in St. Louis, Mo., and raised by his parents, Walter and Clarisse Lawson Cade in Kansas City, Kansas. He graduated from Sumner High School, Kansas (1946). He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Tennessee A. & I. State University in Nashville (1950). However, he returned to Kansas City to attend Central Baptist Theological Seminary, which he acquired Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Theology degrees.

    While in seminary, he married Audrey Hoffman Lawson, who is a native of St. Louis. Rev. Williams and Audrew Lawsons have four children, two grandchildren, and celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary in January of 2015.

    After 42 years of spiritual leadership in the congregation of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Founding Pastor, the Reverend William A. Lawson, announced in the anniversary worship on June 6, 2004 that he was prepared to pass the staff to another Shepherd.

    Rev. Dr. Marcus Cosby: The Reverend Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, is the current senior pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He is the third child born to the late Mr. Rogers Cosby and Mrs. Bobbie J. Cosby.

    Cosby is a native of Chicago, Illinois, and a graduate of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, whose pastor was Dr. L.K. Curry. He graduated from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and English, from the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta, Georgia, with a Master of Divinity in Homiletics and Christian Education, and from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, Illinois, with a Doctor of Ministry in Homiletics.

    Dr. Cosby is married to his high school love, Mrs. Audrey Marie Cosby, and they have been blessed with three beautiful daughters, Adrienne Marie, Ashley Marie and Aliyah Marie and two sons, Marcus D., II and Matthew D. Cosby.

    Social Media

    You can follow them on the following social media platforms for their live services:

    Instagram: @wheeleravenuebc

    Facebook: @WheelerAvenueBC

    YouTube: Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

    Twitter: @WheelerAvenueBC

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