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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF GODPastor Victoria Osteen said, I’ll never forget one Saturday afternoon when I was 16 years old, I walked in the kitchen and my father was grilling hamburgers at Saturday afternoon, I was like yeah I’m hungry dad, he said great he said can you run to the store for me and pick up a few little items I just need some mustard some pickles just a couple little items, I said absolutely I mean I was 16 years old just waiting to get behind the wheel any excuse to drive and I was right there, so he went to give me his keys and as he was giving me the keys he said, now look Victoria he said I want you to go straight to the grocery store, I want you to come straight back and don’t open the passenger side window don’t roll it down because it’s off the tracks and he said, I have to get it repaired next week so don’t open the window. I took the keys from his hand and I rushed out the back door, jumped in the car, cranked it up, drove down the street to my best girlfriends house and picked her up, I said we’re going to the grocery store, as we were on our way to the grocery store about to leave the neighbourhood we saw some of our friends who lived in the neighbourhood walking down the sidewalk, so we started waving I said let’s pull over so they can see us driving, so we pulled over, I said roll down the window so we can say hi she looks at me and she says I thought you said the window was broken, I said it’s okay it’ll be fine this time, this one time won’t hurt anything, so she rolls the window down and we talked to our friends and I’ll never forget as I was driving on she was rolling that window back up and it was as if time Stood Still, that window shattered in 1 million pieces. I looked at that window, I couldn’t believe it millions of pieces, I looked at my girlfriend I said you’re going home with me.

    I’ll never forget driving that car home thinking what am I going to tell my father, I drove up the driveway, walked in the back door and there he stood in the kitchen with the biggest knot in my throat I said dad I got to tell you something, I did everything you told me not to do, I said dad I shattered your window please forgive me, I couldn’t believe what I had done but you know that Saturday afternoon is a 16 year old girl.

    I’ll never forget my dad’s response to me as I looked at my father and he looked back at me and I’m sure he was disappointed he looked at me with eyes of compassion, It was as if he looked past my failure, past my mistake, somehow he saw a daughter on a journey and he showed me unconditional love that day.

    he didn’t tell me how terrible I was, somehow he found it in himself to look over my faults and show me his love, can I tell you, if an earthly father can do such a thing, how much more does our Heavenly Father look at us today through eyes of compassion and love so often we feel like he’s looking at our mistakes, counting our failures against us but can I tell you the scripture says when we were yet sinners before we even know what was right and what was wrong he looked down through the corridors of time and he said I love you unconditionally, Pastor Victoria Osteen wants us to understand that is the heart of the Father.



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