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Victoria Osteen Sermon: Patient Endurance Brings Forth God’s Promise

    Victoria Osteen Sermon Patient Endurance Brings Forth God’s Promise: Have you ever waited and been frustrated you could not make plans until she got this answer, you see it happens to all of us we all go through this waiting process, it’s no fun it can be difficult it can be challenging and it can be hard but can I tell you God is not making us wait to make it hard on us, he’s causing us to develop in our character and in our strength, you see we all have patience we need to acquire patience, it is a strength, patience is what brings forth God’s promises, the word says it’s through patient endurance that we bring forth the promises of God.

    You see life is a process of waiting, you know it’s interesting God always puts us at the right place, even if it’s not the place we think we should be, God always works it out for us, you see we’re going to be waiting most of the time, so we need to learn to wait well.

    Isaiah 40:31 says wait on the Lord and He will renew your strength, see we are never going to wait well unless we wait in the strength of God sometimes.

    We make the mistake of thinking waiting is passive, we are standing in the corner with our hands folded, just waiting for the right thing to happen, waiting for us to get this great break, waiting for our career to start but see God doesn’t think that we should sit around and wait, we should be actively waiting, we should be pursuing God, not just waiting to see what happens, but preparing ourselves in the way patience.

    Patience is a muscle that can only be developed in the wait, you see, we have got to wait well to develop patience, we all want patience, we all want to be strengthened, the writer of James says it like this, see the farmer he waits patiently for his crops to come up, many goes on to tell us how he waits, it says he waits with cheerful endurance, with expectation he’s waiting looking for the signs of the rain.

    he’s out there watching his soil, believing it’s rich, you see he doesn’t go out there and say I know I planted seed in the ground, I wonder if it’s still there, have you ever thought like, let me dig it up and make sure it’s still down there, I don’t see anything happening yet, you see that’s easy we all feel like that, but he stayed excited about his crop even when he didn’t see anything happening because he knew it was just a matter of time, that the earth would bring forth his harvest if he kept his endurance and his strength and his patience, we should all wait with that attitude, shouldn’t we would enjoy life more?

    Victoria Osteen says you know we don’t need to feel the struggle, when we wait, we need to develop our patience knowing that at the right time God is going to get us to where we need to be we need, to start enjoying our life.




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