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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON MARCH 14 2022 WE ARE VICTORS NOT VICTIMSPastor Victoria Osteen said I want to remind every one of us today that we are not victims to our circumstances, but we are victors. See, God called us “more than conquerors.” we’re not a slave to circumstances, we’re not captivated by our own thoughts, but we can think the thoughts of heaven.

    We can literally think the thoughts of our champion, Jesus Christ; he says that we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. When I think of a conqueror, I think of? I just picture this ring with two boxers in there and I think about these boxers, and how they have those big old’ boxing gloves on and they smack each other in the face and you know what, they don’t fall down; they keep on at it, because they’re champions. They don’t go into that ring thinking they’re anything less but a champion.

    If they get knocked down, they bounce back up see, champions have bounce back in them, and God has called you a champion in Jesus Christ. God has said you have bounce back, but how do we keep this mental bounce back? How do we keep this emotional bank account full? You see, just like you keep money in your bank, you wouldn’t think about writing a check not having any money in your bank, so you work to keep money in your bank.

    You check your bank account, you make sure it’s going to cover your life, cover your bills, and cover your children. We have to do the exact same thing with our emotional bank account. We have to make sure we’re covered; we have to make sure we’re strong.

    See, I think about those boxers, and you know what they have? They have mental toughness. They don’t go in that ring, as soon as they get hit, they think, “oh, that’s it. I’m out, I’m done.” no, they have prepared their minds, they have got themselves in a place where they know they are champions and I believe too often, we’re allowing ourselves to sink below who we really are, to not meet that standard of a champion.

    Listen, God gave his life for us through Jesus Christ, he gave his son, and so we have to attach ourselves to that champion mentality. The bible says we are to have the mind of Christ Jesus, so we’re supposed to attach our mind to the mind of Christ.

    What is God saying about you today? You need to take inventory about what are you thinking about yourself are you thinking champion thoughts? Are you thinking weak and defeated thoughts?

    You know, just like when you have your car full of gas, it runs beautifully, but when you start to get run and it starts to run out of gas, it starts spattering and you think, “what is going on?” you check the gas tank and you think, “I’ve run out of gas.”

    Pastor Victoria Osteen wants us to know that we too have indicators of when our emotional bank accounts are low, and that is we get frustrated, we get upset, everything seems hard. It seems like it’s never going to change, it’s always impossible but we can change and we can have it all checked and under control.



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