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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON LIFT UP YOUR EYES : Pastor Victoria Osteen teaches us on the topic Lift up your Eyes, she says, your faith is amazing, go out and tell people about this saving power of Jesus Christ and that he can do what no one else can do.


    You are his light in the entire world you see, we are all on this journey of faith together, and if we’re going to experience the fullness of God’s promises, we’re going to have to develop the ability to see beyond where we are right now.


    See, it’s so easy to get stuck in a problem, it’s so easy to see what didn’t work out, what didn’t happen, the mistakes we’ve made, maybe what someone else did to us, and then we think, “what’s our next step, God? How are we going to get out of this?”


    It becomes difficult to see the next step sometimes, but when we take our eyes off of the circumstances, off of the problems that are trying to weigh us down and hold us back, that’s when we can put our eyes on the promises of God, not the problems.


    We can’t set our eyes on the problems; we have to set our eyes on the promises, that’s how we’re going to rise above where we are right now. We have to look beyond where we are and lift our eyes.


    In the book of Genesis Abraham was called by God to go on a journey of faith with him, he spoke to Abraham and said, leave your father’s house Abraham did. The bible says he believed God, and it was credited unto him as righteousness.


    He left his father’s land, he took his family and his nephew, lot, and they went on this journey, but there was a point in his journey where lot, his nephew, and himself had acquired so many possessions that they had to part ways, the land could not sustain both of them, so Abraham looked at lot and said, “you pick first, which way do you want to go? What direction do you want to go, lot? I’m giving you first choice.”


    Lot looked around, and he found a place that he thought would be perfect for he and his family. The bible calls it–was east, it was towards the Jordan, and it was lush in foliage. It was a city that was bustling, it was places of opportunity, and so Lot chose that part of the land.

    When Abraham looked the other direction, what he saw was dirt. He saw was dust no development, just land, and he thought to himself, “wow. What in the world have i gotten myself into?” but see, it was at that point that God spoke to Abraham, and he said, “Abraham, lift up your eyes now, look out as far as you can see from the north, the south, the east, and the west.” he said, “what you can see, the land that you can see, i will give it to you.


    You see, it was this point that Abraham had to lift his eyes. I love that phrase, “lift your eyes,” because these lifted eyes became the theme of Abraham’s life. God knew that Abraham could easily get his eyes on the wrong thing, he could have easily said, “why didn’t i choose first? Why did he get the best? Now I’m just stuck in the dirt, in the dust, and he’s over there prospering, why did i make that mistake?”


    Pastor Victoria Osteen tells us that God wanted Abraham to lift his eyes so he could see beyond the dust and the dirt and begin to see his destiny unfold, begin to see what God wanted to do in his life.

    Source: Joel Osteen Youtube

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