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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON LET GO OF THE SMALL THINGS : Pastor Victoria Osteen asked us, How many of you guys know that sometimes the smallest thing can just irritate you, things that really don’t matter in the long run, I was with a girlfriend of mine several years ago and she was showing me her vacation photos, I hate to date this but it’s when we used to go get him at Walgreens she said, I just picked up my vacation photos, let’s look at him so I said okay and so we begin to look at this beautiful pictures of blue skies sandy beaches, all these cute little shops at the port, it was just so much fun and we’re looking and I noticed she was getting a little more irritated and she was going through the pictures more quickly and I was like okay. you know I was going to kind of really check them out and talk about it then all of a sudden I noticed she began to say I look terrible in that picture, ah I don’t like that picture, I’m not wearing that outfit again, it doesn’t photograph well and she began to pick herself apart in these pictures she went from enjoying her vacation to looking at something about herself that I couldn’t even see.

    sometimes we forget the big picture, we forget to look at the blue skies, the sandy beaches, the smiling faces, our children because we see that speck on the picture and that’s all we focus on, you see her memory all of a sudden became negative. Think about Adam and Eve, they were in a beautiful garden, lush green garden, they had fruit everywhere, they could eat all they want, never gained any weight, no laundry, they were in this amazing God-given garden and one day, Eve got her eye on a single Bush in the garden, the only Bush she was asked not to touch and that day that Bush became the biggest thing that she saw in fact that Bush was so big it distorted the whole view of the garden.

    You see that Bush was a speck on the picture, she didn’t see the whole picture because all she could see is what she didn’t have, let’s not see the specks in our life, let’s begin to see the whole picture. In all we do, let’s not let a bush to store this amazing life God has given us. The relationship that we have because in the long run it really doesn’t matter, I think we could all say if we step back that we’ve seen some specks that messed some things up for us. We’ve seen we we’ve focused on some things that we didn’t have and we forgot to see all the great things that we do have, I don’t want to live in regret do you? I want to enjoy what God has given me right now. The beauty of the moment, I think about my friend and today I bet if she pulls those same pictures out, she’s going to go I look pretty good in those pictures.

    Pastor Victoria Osteen wants us to be contented with what we have and look at the bigger picture, when we do these, we will be grateful and happier.


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