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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON GOD SEES YOU AS VALUABLE AND SIGNIFICANT : Pastor Victoria Osteen said, When I was a little girl, I loved to hand-make cards for my parents. I always liked to tell them how much I loved them and show my affection with these handmade cards, and I used to put my signature, butterflies and flowers all over them.

    You know, I did the same kind of butterfly and the same kind of flower every time, not long ago, i was going through a stack of scrapbooks that my mother had carefully saved and put together. When i came across one of these signature cards that I had made, and there it was, my butterflies and flowers, as i was looking at it, I noticed at the bottom of the page, written in yellow pencil were these words: “I feel like we are somebody important, and i know that we are.”

    When my eyes dropped to those words, i thought, “what in the world was i thinking as a little girl? ‘i feel like we’re someone important, and i know that we are’? What was i thinking? Why can’t i feel like that now?” you see, i feel like i am something important, and I know that i am.

    It really, it made me laugh. it made me chuckle but do you know what? i couldn’t let those words slide by, they kept going through my mind the next day and the next day because i thought, “what was i thinking?” and then it was if I realised, inside of every single one of us is the voice of God saying, “you are made in my image.

    You are valuable, you are significant, and you are important in this life.” you see, inside of every one of us, there is a voice that is speaking out value, significance, and importance, but sometimes life tries to change and drown out that voice. It tries to devalue us, unfair things happen, people talk about you, somebody walks out on your life, struggles, problems, they distort that voice, they try to speak louder than that voice.

    God has put that in each and every one of us, and we have to allow that voice to come out of us because, it doesn’t matter what we think, it matters who we are. You may feel insignificant, but God sees you as valuable, he sees you as important to his plan.

    It doesn’t matter how we feel, it doesn’t change the value of our life in the eyes of God. Pastor Victoria Osteen wants us to always know and keep in mind that God’s plan for our life is going to come through for us, it does not matter what the enemy tries as long as you believe and hold on to God.


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