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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE : Pastor Victoria Osteen said, I want to encourage you today that God has great purpose for your life. You hold meaning, you hold potential, you hold everything you need to make this earth a better place, and I want to charge us today to just reevaluate our life and realize we are here for God’s purpose and God’s glory.

    Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like we’re here to just go to our job, go to school, have our friends, raise our family, but can I tell you today, God has marked you to have an influence on this earth. You’re you just being here, you are being the best you can be, using your gifts, using your talents in honouring God, you’re making an eternal difference. You are causing this earth to be enriched and you are moving the kingdom of God forward.

    you see, sometimes, we don’t appreciate what God has given us, we don’t understand this gift and the purpose that we’re here for, and I believe when we shake ourselves and we say, “listen, I’m not here by accident, I’m not here cause my parents wanted a baby, I’m not here just to take up space and time on this earth, but I’m here for an eternal reason, my being here has meaning and my life matters.”

    When God looks at you, he looks at you like you matter, and he wants you to take what he’s given you and he wants you to mix it with faith and he wants you to move forward on this earth. A lot of times, we can’t see what God has given us. Sometimes, we can’t see the gifts and talents, we can look at other people and we can see how they excel. We can see how they’ve got such a great personality it seems so easy for them, they can just do this, they’re so creative, oh, they’re so smart how can they figure all that out?

    We can see it in others but we can’t always see it in ourselves, and see, when we can’t see it in ourselves, doesn’t mean it’s not there. See, God sees it in us because God put it there, the bible says when Jesus went to earth, he led the captives free and he gave gifts to men. Do you know he’s given you gifts? We don’t all have the same gifts; we’ve got to be comfortable with our gifts. We’ve got to be able to recognize our gifts, we’ve got to walk in those gifts and not compare those gifts, we’ve got to know that our gifts are here for a purpose, and we’ve got to appreciate what God has given us.

    I think about Moses, he was raised as an Egyptian, he ended up fleeing to the wilderness and he was there for 40 years, God appeared to him in a burning bush one day and says, “Moses, I have an assignment for you” now, God knew exactly who he was talking to, he knew everything about Moses, he created Moses. He saw Moses floating down the river, he saw Moses when he lived in the palace. He saw Moses when he was afraid and ran to the desert, he knew exactly who Moses was, he knew who he was dealing with he said, “Moses, I want you to lead my people out of Egypt into the promised land because I’m doing a work and I’m going to use you to do it. God has use for us as much as we don’t believe in ourselves, as much as we feel we are just ordinary people born to walk the earth, God knows our capability.


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