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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON EXPRESS GRATITUDE THROUGH ACTIONPastor Victoria Osteen said the other day, my son did something so nice for me, it was really special, he went out of his way and took his time to really make me feel good, and I did. I was so appreciative of what he did, I called him up and I said, “Jonathan, thank you so much for what you’ve done for me,” and I began to gush, and he said, “mom, I did it because I knew you’d like it and I wanted to make you happy.” he said, “mom, thanks for all you do for me.” well, as a parent, I was taken aback. I thought, “that’s amazing, his generosity and his kindness towards me,” and, you know, it just took my heart and moved it. It made me want to do something even more special for him. It got my attention, and, you know, we always want our children to be kind. We want them to appreciate what they have, so we teach them that. But when they actually do it, we’re like, “praise god, that’s amazing.” you know, and it moves us. It moves us, and sees, I believe that’s exactly the way it is with our heavenly father.

    You see, he wants us to do the things that are going to enrich our life, and when we actually do them, it moves him; it moves his hand of blessing. You see, God knows that we are mature enough to be able to handle what he has next for us. You see, when we say to God, “I not only praise you and I thank you, but I’m going to take it a step further, God, and I’m going to show you my thankfulness by my expression and my actions.”

    You see, there’s nothing closer to the heart of God than his children doing something for someone else. We were put on this earth to not only be the praise to God’s glory, but to be his hands, to be his feet, to be his kindness, to be his compassion, the bible clearly states that we are blessed to be a blessing. Almighty God blesses us so that we can go out and express our blessings through our actions, not just through our words not just material blessings.

    Yes, God wants you to have more than enough, but you know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about those blessings of favour, influence, peace, joy, fulfilment, purpose, the things that God gives us when we praise him and when we show our praise through our actions.

    Pastor Victoria Osteen said my son’s maturity, like i said, made me want to go out and do something else for him, it made me understand that, he can be trusted, i believe this blessing is not going to harm him, but this blessing is going to help him. It’s going to help him grow, mature, and be everything that he’s been called to be.

    The bible says, “when you please God, he’ll make even your enemies be at peace with you.” listen, when you make pleasing God your highest priority, I believe that’s when you’ll see your life go to new levels, and you’ll see God do things for you that you couldn’t possibly do for yourself.

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