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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON EXCEPTIONAL YOU : Pastor Victoria Osteen encourages us and lets us know that we are exceptional. You know, sometimes in life, we try to make things happen on our own. We’re looking for our good breaks, we’re looking for the right people, we’re looking for opportunities, and that’s all good, but when we’re struggling to make things happen, I believe that, that is not good for us, so let’s take another approach, and that approach would be all through the day, just under your breath, when you’re feeling like you’re struggling, when you’re wondering, when you’re going to get that good break, when are your prayers going to be answered, if you’ll just stop and say, “God, I receive everything you have for me. God, you’ve got good things stored up for me today, and I am not going to struggle, and I’m not going to worry, but I’m just going to be in a receiving mode.”


    When you go into a meeting, say “thank you, father, I receive everything I need for this meeting, when you go in to see your family after a long day’s work, take one deep breath and say, “God, thank you I’m receiving everything I need to be a good husband, a good wife, a good mother, thank you, father, that I don’t have to struggle, but I’m just receiving.”


    You see, the bible says no good thing will he withhold for those who walk uprightly, God’s not withholding your answers. God’s not withholding those good breaks, he’s not holding on to those prayers, waiting for you to get it right. If you see it or you don’t see it, you should always be receiving what God has for you, I believe that’s how we’re going to live that exceptional life.


    Pastor Victoria Osteen said, someone asked me, “why did you name your book ‘exceptional you’?” it is because I believe       that each one of us have been called to live this exceptional life that Jesus came to give us, i believe that God is an exceptional God, and he fashioned and formed us and created us into his exceptional image, he filled us with gifts and talents, he gave us qualities so that we could produce the exceptional in our life.


    we’re not common, we’re not ordinary, we’re exceptional, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God has you on a path that is uniquely your own. We’re all in a different path, because no two paths are alike, but God’s got us all on the road to victory. you see, we can’t lose sight of whose we are and who we are.


    You see, when we lose sight of who we are, we take these God-given attributes and we have a tendency to reduce them down in our own minds, we think we’re not good enough, we’re not qualified enough, but you have to live this truth today: you are exceptional because God made you that way.


    Pastor Victoria Osteen wants us to know that God formed you, and he fashioned you, and he says you are exceptional.


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