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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON DONT LOOK BACK PRESS FOWARD : Pastor Victoria Osteen said, I find it so interesting to hear people give the secret to their success, people will say, “there’s that one thing that I did,” or you pick up a magazine and you see, “what is the secrets to their success?” and they’ll list them.


    You always want to know what’s that first thing? What’s that one thing? I always like to just kind of learn from people. I like to know what they’re doing.


    The bible says, “Iron sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.” the apostle Paul, who wrote three quarters of the New Testament, shared his secret. ” He says, “The one thing I do is forgetting the things that are behind and pressing towards what is in front of me.”


    The apostle Paul knew when he was looking back, he couldn’t press forward, he said, “I let the things go that are behind me, I don’t look back.”


    What he was saying was, “I don’t go back to my old mistakes, I don’t relive my failures.” he said, “the most important thing, the thing that has helped me the very most is to not look back.” “don’t look back” would be his number one statement.


    Pastor Victoria Osteen said Joel and I used to play racquetball all the time, we loved that game so much, it’s a fast game and many of you know the game of racquetball, the court is like a room with four walls around it and a ceiling.


    It’s a great game, fast game you play with a shorter racquet and a really bouncy ball but there’s one safety rule to this game that you must adhere to and that is, “don’t look back at the ball.”


    You cannot look back at the ball because that ball comes with such furious speed from the back wall that it can literally smack you in the face and cause you injury. a player was playing with racquetball and they looked back and that ball smacked them right in the eye and they lost their eyesight.


    I was, like, freaked out like, every time I got in the court, i was like, “give me some goggles.” I remember thinking, “Victoria, look forward. Don’t look back. Play the ball that’s in front of you, if it goes behind you, don’t worry, you’ll always get another chance to hit the ball.” see, racquetball is a forward-facing game, no matter where you are on the court, you just keep looking forward, you just keep playing the ball at hand.


    You see, life is a little bit like a racquetball game, you can’t look back at your past failures, your past mistakes, you can’t live in, “I wish I was, I wish it could have been,” because those past mistakes will hit you in the face, just like that racquetball can cause you injury and damage, when you look back and live in the past, those past mistakes can cause damage, they can ruin your relationships, they lower your self-esteem, they knock the confidence right out of you, they will smack you in the face and cause you to have distress on your job.


    Pastor Victoria Osteen teaches us that past will not help us move forward in the future.


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