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    Pastor Victoria Osteen sermon do not look back : Today we are encouraged to have a great, big yes to all of God’s promises and that should be our goal should be to say, “yes, God, to every promise you have in my life, yes God, for everything that you want to do in my life. See, our yes gives God the permission to bring forth his promises in our lives.

    Our yes invites the promises of God into our lives. God wants us to respond with a yes in Christ.


    In 2nd Corinthians 1:20 it says no matter how many promises God has made, they are yes in Christ. God’s promises stand firm. They are yes as far as he’s concerned, but listen to the rest of that. It says, “and so through him,” through Christ, “the ‘amen’ is spoken by us.”


    God has already said yes, but God wants our response, which is amen. Now the word “amen” in the Hebrew and the Greek both translate into “so be it.” the promises of God, our response should be, “so be it.”


    Our response to every good thing, “yes, God.” every promise you have for me, “yes, God, healing is mine, joy is mine, provision is mine, everything I need is in you, in Christ, and I am going to resound a great, big yes.

    You’ve received an invitation before to a wedding or some great, grand celebration, and when you get that invitation, you open it up, and it tells you who’s inviting you, and where it’s going to be, and what time it’s going to occur, and then there’s R.S.V.P. at the bottom of your invitation, that R.S.V.P., as you know, means “please respond.”


    The host has already prepared a celebration, they’ve counted you in, they’ve already prepared for you to be there, but they want to know are you going to show up, are you going to take part in what they have already planned?


    So R.S.V.P., please respond, and in much the same way there is a “please respond” attached to God’s promises.


    Pastor Victoria Osteen tells us that God has already prepared some amazing things for you, but he needs your response, the amen is spoken by you, what is your response to God’s promises?


    All God’s promises are yes, but to receive those promises we have to say, “amen”, we have to say, “yes, God.” we have to show up.

    We should ask God what are you going to do in my life? i want to be a part of it, i want to join in.” see, when you say yes, you know what you’re doing? You’re strengthening yourself, you’re showing up to God, you’re strengthening yourself, you’re developing yourself, and you’re growing.


    Don’t change your yes to a no because it’s taken a long time, because you don’t see how it’s going to work out. God’s delay is not his denial.


    It’s preparing you for what’s to come; God is working in you and working some things out of you so that you can take hold of the promises.

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