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Victoria Osteen Sermon : Don’t Look Back, Press Forward

    Victoria Osteen Sermon Do not Look Back Press Forward : The wife of the famous Televangelist Joel Osteen and the senior pastor of the Lakewood church has come through with this encouraging and motivational sermon titled ”Don’t Look Back, Press Forward”.

    In this sermon, Pastor Victoria Osteen of the Lakewood church emphasized on the need to avoid looking back.

    According to her, the secret to continuously moving ahead is to avoid looking back but rather keep moving forward, keep pressing forward.

    We should not look back at the past mistakes. Our past mistakes can only cause us damages, our past will not help us move forward. You cannot move forward if you keep looking forward.

    We cannot do anything about our past but we can do something about our future.

    God does not work with past. He works with what is in the front.

    We should concentrate on hitting the ball in front of us and leave the one behind us.

    We should learn to close the door to our past and concentrate on pressing forward. We should call out to God to train us and help us to come out of and shut the door to our past. We should abstain from the people that keep bringing up our past.

    Listen and meditate on this inspiring sermon by Victoria Osteen and stay tuned as we keep updating you with the latest sermons and devotionals by famous preachers/pastors/ Evangelists.

    Source: Joel Osteen Youtube

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