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victoria Osteen Sermon: Develop self-control to rise higher with God

    Victoria Osteen Sermon Develop self-control to rise higher with God: How many of you, are making some decisions or plans on, what you want to achieve.

    Setting some goals, maybe you are going to break some habits, change a few things around, you know? You’re excited, something is stirring in your spirit, you’re thinking, “I can do this, this is great, this is a possibility.

    However you answered that question, you know what it is that you’re feeling on the inside? It’s your potential. It’s what you’re capable of. It’s not what you’ve already accomplished, but it’s what you can accomplish.

    You see, inside of each one of us is great potential, God has put it on the inside of us, we have the capacity, to produce more than we’re producing right now.

    We can all go to new levels with God, we can all walk in a greater anointing. We can all do more for God; it is really safe to say that we all have this capacity to do more.

    We have more inside of us, but how do we get what’s in us out of us? By self-discipline and self-control.

    Joel Osteen prays it over us every week in the service; he prays that we will have focus, discipline, and self-control. As we all stand with our arms up, we receive it because we know we need it. We need it if we’re going to develop the potential on the inside of us.

    You see, when we have strong discipline and self-control, it builds our inner man, and when you have a strong a strong outer man, we all can have it, because it’s a fruit of the spirit.

    Discipline and self-control is a characteristic of God, and we’re supposed to be more like God. We’re supposed to go after the things of god. God said, “You can have this because I’ve already given it to you.”

    You just have to develop it, you have to exercise it, so that, that potential that’s in you can come out. You see, discipline and self-control puts a demand on our inner man, as simple as that. it puts a demand and a strain on our inner man, you know? It’s just like exercise. If you don’t put a demand on your muscle, they won’t grow. Discipline and self-control puts a demand on that inner man, causes it to be strong.

    Listen to what it says in proverbs 25:8. it says, “whoever has no rule over his own spirit, is like a city with broken down walls.” you see, in those days, walls represented strength. behind those strong walls were people that were protected.

    You see, when the enemy saw a city with strong walls, with its gates closed, it was not able to enter into that city and harm the people, because it was difficult to get in, because the people even had made sure those walls were strong.

    Victoria Osteen said they participated in keeping the walls strong, and those boundaries didn’t leave them exposed. Self-control is the key to everything.


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