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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON BRING VALUE TO OUR RELATIONSHIP : Victoria talks to us today about relationships and how to bring value to our relationships. You know, we are going to be around people all the time and we’re going to have people in our life that are close to us and some of those relationships can bring us great joy and satisfaction and sometimes, some of those same relationships can be a source of frustration and they can be a challenge in our life.

    We’ve got to learn to balance the two extremes, have you ever been in love with someone a moment and then they say something you don’t like and you’re mad at them? That doesn’t make sense, we got fickle feelings, We’ve got to learn how to balance these things called relationships and learn to bring out the best in each other and enjoy relationships.

    Listen to what the apostle Paul teaches us in 1 Corinthians 13:5. He says, “love keeps no records of wrongs.” you see, the apostle Paul was telling us, if we’re going to balance out our relationships and we’re enjoy them, we’re not going to be frustrated and irritated, we’re going to have to learn to keep records of the good things. We’re going to have to learn to find the good in our relationship, the good in the people that we are connected to.

    It’s easy to see the worst in people, let me tell ya, that takes no effort and it certainly takes no faith, but when we begin to keep no records of wrong and we begin to look at the good, we have a grateful heart. Now, think about this, love keeps no records of wrong, the only way that we can accomplish this is to let love rule. God is love, he is the very essence of love, when we think about this for a minute about God’s love, we think, “now God, if you were to have recorded our mistakes, if you were to have recorded all the things that we’ve done wrong, would you ever have given us the very best Jesus Christ? Would you have sent your only son in place of our mistakes?”

    Love is the essence of almighty God and he’s put that love on the inside of us and the only way that we’re going to be able to balance out relationships and certainly enjoy them is to let the love grow.

    Pastor Victoria Osteen said, i was right down here at prayer time praying with a woman and she came to me and she said, “victoria, you need to pray for me, my husband has disappointed me so much, he does all these things that i don’t like.” then she pulled up these three sheets of paper that she held in her hand and she opened them up and i began to look at the offenses on the pieces of paper and i noticed that they were written in different colour ink and some were written in pencil and i thought, “well, why are they written in different colour ink and in pencil?” and she said, “you know why? because as soon as he does something i don’t like,” she said, “I’ll grab the closest pen or pencil that i have and i write it down as quickly as I can because I don’t want to forget it.”

    Pastor victoria wants us to understand that the woman would be happier if she would just tear that list up, if she wouldn’t keep a record, a running list of the things that she sees that’s wrong.



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