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Victoria Osteen Sermon: Be Faithful With The Small Things

    Victoria Osteen Sermon Be Faithful With The Small Things:  Today Victoria Osteen reminded us, that God always starts small; God takes the small and goes big. You know, God’s got a way of doing things with seeds that multiply, and today Victoria Osteen just want to remind every one of us, you may feel small, you may feel like you don’t have enough, or there may be some small things in your life, you don’t know if you really can handle, but I want to tell you something, when you put those small things in the hands of Jesus, you know what? He can go from small to big.

    You see, God told the Israelites, when they were going to possess the land, in Deuteronomy, he says, “I’m going to decrease your enemies, so that you can increase.”

    He said it like this, he says, “little by little I am going to decrease the enemies in the land, so that you can increase and take possession of the entire promise in this land.”

    You see, God started small and wanted them to go big. See, he wanted them to have the capacity to be able to handle what he was going to give them. He didn’t want the land to overtake them, he wanted them to overtake the land, but he had to decrease the enemies’ small, slowly so that they could increase.

    That means that God was increasing them, incrementally throughout their journey, and do you know that’s what God wants to do for you today? He wants to increase you. What you think is small and insignificant, God wants to go big with it, but you got to learn to handle the small first.

    many of you know the story in Matthew 4, in the gospels, when Jesus was preaching and teaching to the multitudes. They’d been with him all day long. He had healed the sick among them, and he just loved on them all day long, and the disciples came to Jesus, and they said, “Jesus, the people haven’t eaten all day, and it’s starting to become evening, and they need to leave, and they need to go find food. Would you release them, Jesus, so that they can go to the villages and find the food?

    We don’t have enough food to feed them,” and Jesus said, “it’s not necessary for me to release the people, you feed them.” They said, “We don’t have enough to feed them, we only have five loaves and two fish. It is not enough to feed the multitude. It’s too small.”

    Jesus said, “you feed them.” Now, he’d been doing miracles all day, wasn’t going to be difficult for Jesus to just multiply the food. The disciples hadn’t done any miracles, but yet he looked at them and said, “You feed them.” you see, what they thought was small, what they thought they couldn’t handle. see, they couldn’t handle feeding this many people with such a small thing.

    He said, “bring it to me,” and you know the story. They brought it to Jesus, he broke it, he blessed it, and he gave it back to them so that they could feed the multitudes.

    You see, Jesus took that small and let them go big; he let them be a blessing that day. He let what they had in their hands feed the multitude.

    Victoria Osteen wants us to know that god thinks the small is very important. Often times, we overlook the small because we want to go big, oftentimes, we don’t think we have to deal with the small because it’s not going to make that much difference but Jesus was telling us in this story, the small things matter, don’t overlook the small things.

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