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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON APPRECIATING EVERY AREA OF OUR LIVES : Pastor Victoria Osteen talks to us today about appreciating every area of our life, you know, when we appreciate something, we bring awareness to it, we bring value to it and we are less likely to take it for granted.

    In Deuteronomy 10 through 12, God was taking the children of israel to a city they had not built, he said, “I’m giving you homes filled with great treasure.” he said, “I’m giving you vineyards you didn’t plow, but I’m giving them to you so that you can work them. I’m giving you homes with great treasure in them so that you can live in them,” and he went on and on to tell all the wonderful gifts that he was giving them.

    But then he warned them, he said, “I have to warn you, I’m giving you all of these things, but don’t take them for granted.” he said, “don’t take them for granted, and don’t forget who gave them to you. Don’t take them for granted and not honour me.”

    The same thing is happening today, God has given us things, a great country to live in, he’s given us homes, he’s given us family, friends, jobs, and he is saying, “don’t forget who gave it to you, and honour me in it.” you see, when we appreciate God, when we appreciate the things that God has given us, we’re honouring him.

    Appreciation is a language, and it honours God, how many of us have seen videos or visited impoverished countries and realized how blessed we really are? We have running water, we have great grocery stores, restaurants. Whatever we need, it’s basically at our fingertips; and we see these impoverished countries and people, and our heart goes out to them, and we feel so compassionate, and we feel so blessed, right? Then, we get to our jobs, we get to our homes, we face life, challenges, decisions, things go wrong, and we forget about those things.

    we forget how grateful we should be, we get comfortable, uninterested, we take things for granted, it’s easy to do, and we all do it. But we’ve got to learn the language of appreciation. Have you ever heard yourself say, “I have to go to work, oh, i have to go pick up my kids, I have to make dinner, I have to clean up after my husband.

    See, the language of appreciation says this, it says, “I get to go to work because I have a job, I’m so blessed to have my children, I’m going to go pick them up now. I have a house, i get to clean it.” That’s the language of appreciation.

    Pastor victoria Osteen wants us to learn to appreciate every aspect of our lives and honour God while we are it.


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