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Victoria Osteen Message: God Will Crown Your Efforts

    Victoria Osteen Message God Will Crown Your Efforts :  Pastor Joel Osteen of Lakewood church, Houston Texas  shares this new message by Victoria Osteen: “God Will Crown Your Efforts” where she categorically stated that if you will take a step of faith toward your dreams, God will fill you with His supernatural favor. Provided we are ready, God is ever willing and ready to do something new in our lives. Keep making efforts and believing in God. At the right time, God will crown your effort no matter how small with great success.

    In this sermon the Joel Osteen’s wife and mother of Jonathan and Alexandra Osteen stated that every one of us have an area of our life that we want to grow, we want to see it green, we want to see it flourish. If we’re going to see changes in our life, if we are going to see those patches filled in, then  we are going to have to plant a seed. We are going to have to keep Putting it out there. We must endlessly and relentless keep making efforts. No matter how long it takes, God’s mercy and blessings must surely come.

    Sometimes, you’ve been doing It so long that you think, “This is never going to Change”. She said those thoughts of discouragement come but this is a new year. This is a year that God is going to do new things with the seed that you sow. He’s going to accelerate the seed that you sow this year. But you’ve got to have this acceleration mindset. You can’t fall into the prey of your own thoughts!

    Watch and learn from this message by Victoria Osteen: “God Will Crown Your Efforts” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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